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Nightmare Fuel / Tremors

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The First Movie:
  • When Val lifts up a farmer's hat on the ground and finds old Fred's disembodied head sticking out of the sand face first!
  • Then there was the guy Edgar up on the electrical tower that got chased up there by a Graboid and died of thirst waiting for it to get bored and go away. He just was too scared to check if it still was there, preferring to die from dehydration instead.
  • Poor Chang's death. We actually get to see him be swallowed alive by a Graboid. And he's still screaming when its jaws close around him!
    • While it's a minor thing, Earl's rather cold remark about the event in the sequel seems at best, in bad taste.
  • Bad enough dying by a Graboid but to first be trapped inside your car and face being buried alive or eaten like the doctor's poor wife did, brr.


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