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Tear Jerker / The Silver Chair

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  • The Backstory behind King Caspian's loss of his wife (killed by the Green Lady in snake form) and son (abducted, kept as a hostage and brainwashed for years). Especially when Lord Drinian wants to atone for his mistakes that led to this to happen by allowing the king to execute him with his own hands, but Caspian cries and hugs him saying "I've lost my Queen and my son... will I lose my friend as well?"
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  • Prince Rilian's ranting as he's tied to the chair. It starts with him sadly remembering his life in Narnia, only to notice Jill, Eustace, and Puddleglum and beg them to free him. When they hesitate, he becomes so desperate that he begins shouting increasingly violent threats at them, to the point where he's foaming at the mouth when they do free him. Keep in mind that this has been going on for years, him "waking up" nightly, only to find he can't escape. Consider also that after he's freed, Rilian is generally kind and reasonable. You have to wonder how horrific things were for him to be so desperate to be freed.
  • The ending par excellence. Caspian, who readers last see as a vital, energetic young man deeply in love, dies in his son's arms after losing all hope of his return. All the characters we knew and fell in love with like Trumpkin are ancient and decrepit and clearly do not recognise the clearly upset Eustace. Thankfully, Caspian is later rejuvenated and comes to "our world" to act as a Bully Hunter to Jill's bullies.
    • When arriving in Narnia, Eustace was unable to recognize Caspian because he was so old and changed. Learning that sickly, grieving old man is actually the friend he shared such wonderful adventures with clearly dismays Eustace.
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    • Caspian's death is also especially cruel for Rillian. The prince has been brainwashed by the Emerald Witch for a very, VERY long time, and while his freedom is a happy thing, it comes at the price of him coming home long enough to see his father for a final few moments before Caspian dies.


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