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Heartwarming / The Silver Chair

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  • When the party find themselves in the Underworld, Jill and Eustace immediately look at Puddlegum to bring their spirits up. Okay, that's treated as funny because it's described as him being steady in his lugubriousness, but the kids needed someone to help and damned if he didn't.
  • Aslan comes to return Jill and Eustace to England, and all Jill can think of at the sight of him is how badly she messed things up. She can't even speak to say, "I'm sorry", but the Lion knows what she is thinking and licks her.
    Aslan: Think of it no more. I will not always be scolding.
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  • The scene with Aslan resurrecting Caspian once they are in Aslan's country at the end. Caspian, now rejuvenated, sees Aslan and hugs him around the neck as far as he can reach. It's much needed after seeing him die. Then he sees Eustace. The first thing he does? Happily reminiscing how Eustace ruined his best sword by trying to fight a sea monster. They didn't see each other for several decades yet Caspian still thought fondly of the guy.
  • Aslan finally granting Caspian's long-time wish to see Eustace's world.
  • Eustace and Jill, with Aslan and Caspian's help, taking it out on the bullies who had tormented them. Total Wish Fulfillment for anyone who's ever been bullied.
  • When Drinian confesses he played a role in Prince Rilian's disappearance, Caspian grabs the axe and goes for the beheading - with Drinian stoically waiting for it - but throws the axe away and tearfully says he already lost his wife and son and can't bear to lose his friend too.
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  • The heretofore perpetually gloomy gnomes of the Underlands cavorting in the streets and shouting for joy at the death of the Witch and the breaking of her bonds.
  • Eustace and Jill ceasing to call each other "Pole" and "Scrubb", calling each other by their first names and apologizing for any offenses towards the end of the book. Just goes to show how much the journey has changed the two and how close they've become when they drop formality for a brief moment. Lewis even writes that this "was the first time they used Christiannote  names".


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