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  • Trumpkin's crochety refusal to use his Ear Trumpet leads to several hilarious misunderstandings—for instance, he hears "The girl's called Jill" as "The girls are all killed"—all the while complaining that nobody speaks clearly the way they used to when he was young.
    • In his day they had Talking animals, not Mumbling Animals!
    • There's also his mishearing of Eustace's name as Eustace being called "useless" and agrees with it. It seems that Eustace hasn't entirely escaped being the Butt-Monkey of the story.
  • The revelation that eternally pessimistic Puddleglum is considered to be giddily cheerful by his fellow Marshwiggles.
    Puddleglum: If they've said it once, they've said it a thousand times. "Puddleglum," they've said, "you're altogether too full of bobance and bounce and high spirits. You've got to learn that life isn't all fricasseed frogs and eel pie. You want something to sober you down a bit."
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  • Puddleglum's (mostly) put on drunk act in the castle at Harfang. "Respectibiggle..."
  • When Puddleglum breaks the Lady's fire-based Mind Control spell by grinding out the flames with his foot:
    "For though the whole fire had not been put out, a good bit of it had, and what remained smelled very largely of burnt Marshwiggle, which is not at all an enchanting smell."
  • The description of how centaurs must wake up early each day to eat breakfast, which lasts for hours! It's because they have both a human's stomach and a horse's, and so must eat a full meal for both, and that is why it is a very serious matter to ask a centaur to stay for the weekend.
  • Puddleglum is briefly shocked out of his morose attitude when Jill kisses him goodbye. After she and Eustace have left to travel back to their own world, Puddleglum wryly utters one of the most positive remarks he's made in the entire book: "I would never have dreamed of her doing that. Even though I am a good-looking chap."
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  • The bullies of Experiment House encounter Bully Hunters: "Murderers! Fascists! Lions! It isn't fair!"
  • The Head of the school being so useless she goes into politics, and becomes successful at it.
  • Aslan gives Jill a test of courage when she first arrives, but to the reader, it seems like he's pretty much just being a Troll.
    Jill: Do you eat girls?
    Aslan: I have swallowed up girls and boys, women and men, kings and emperors, cities and realms.


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