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Tear Jerker / The Dark Crystal

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Spoilers are unmarked

  • UrSu (the Master of the Mystics) dies of old age after sending Jen on his quest to restore the Crystal before the new Great Conjunction.
  • The Gelflings were hunted down to extinction by the Garthim as shown in the childhood memories Jen and Kira share.
  • The peaceful and party-loving Podlings being captured by the Garthim and being reduced to slavery by the Skeksis.
  • One of the brave Landstriders who carried Jen and Kira to the castle dies falling off a cliff along with a Garthim, and the other gets overwhelmed and killed by the remaining bunch of Garthim.
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  • UrTih (the Mystic Alchemist) instantly combusts and vanishes from existence when his Skeksis counterpart, SkekTek the Scientist, falls into the fiery pit beneath the Dark Crystal as a result of the laboratory animals revolt Kira triggered to free herself from the life essence-draining device of the Skeksis.
  • Kira's death. It's an in-story one too, for Jen, although the bright light of the Conjunction probably contributed as well. Turns to Tears of Joy when she is restored.


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