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For The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, see here.

The World of the Dark Crystal is the Homeworld of the Lords of Change.

Just look at the physical appearances of the Skeksis and compare them with Tzeentch's Lords of Change from Warhammer. They also both have a fondness of court intrigue and plotting. It also wouldn't be too hard to see that the planet is one within the Eye of Terror.

  • So, are Garthim Chaos Marines then?
    • Since we are dealing with Tzeentch's minions, the Garthim are probably the equivalent of the Thousand Sons' Rubric Marines: empty armor containing a trapped soul. They are described as "living suits that are still capable of fighting and receiving orders from their masters and with no fear and no will of their own they make perfect bodyguards and guardians." Sounds like a Garthim.

The Skeksis discovered wormhole travel at some point in the past.

This was obviously when they were far more numerous, and was no doubt one of skekTek's masterpieces: Unfortunately, the Skeksis pioneers that entered the wormhole never reported back, so the Emperor had the project discontinued. However, unbeknownst to him, they actually had arrived on a planet in the Farscape universe. Pausing only to officially rename themselves the Halosians, they then raided the local spaceport, took the best-armed of all the ships docked there, and flew off into the Uncharted Territories to carry on with their lifestyle of conquest and backstabbery.

  • I have a similar theory below.

The Halosians in Farscape came from the same world as the [1] urSkeks.

Somehow, Halosians evolved from Skeksis who left their urSkeks forms somehow. Wishing to explore other worlds just as the urSkeks had explored Thra, the Halosians created space travel, and the planets surrounding Thra and the world of the urSkeks are shown in Farscape.

  • Both of these theories exist because the skeletal structures of the Skeksis puppets were used to make the Halosians.

The Skeksis did some extensive remodeling to the castle to cover up the old style.

This is what falls apart off the castle at the end.

The final shot of the castle surrounded by lush landscape is years after the climax.

For those of us who don't buy the vegetation suddenly appearing outside.

The urSkeks are K-Paxians.

They left the planet via beams of light at the end...

The world of the Dark Crystal is in the Alpha Centauri star system.

Due to the fact that the three suns bare a vaguely passing resemblance.

The Podlings are the descendants or ancestors of Fraggles.

They live underground, they're tiny, good-humored, fond of food and song, and created by Jim Henson! Bam!

The Gelfling are a result of breeding between elves and halflings.

Just look at the name of their race.

There are still some Skeksis and Mystics on Thra after the film's end.

One of the episodes of Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge has contestants building Skeksis that were exiled from the castle centuries ago. If there really were outcasts who pre-dated the Chamberlain, and any of them survived until the Great Conjunction, they may not have had the chance to return to the castle in time to be there for the Crystal's healing. Their Mystic counterparts, in turn, may have left the Valley to become solitary hermits at the same time the corresponding Skeksis was exiled: Something the Chamberlain's counterpart would also have done, had their community not known the Conjunction was imminent.

The Goblin Kingdom is somewhere on Thra.

The goblins of Labyrinth look like something that could have evolved on Thra. In particular, Aughra and Hoggle look like they could be of the same species. The goblins therefore have some means of traveling to Earth, where their king ultimately hails from.

In Universe The Dark Crystal is an earlier Translation of The Silmarillion.

If you really think about it the two stories are almost shockingly identicalin The Dark Crystal The urSkeks destroy the Crystal splitting into two races. In the Silmarillion Feanor takes the Light from the trees, and crafts the Silmarils. He leads a rebellion effectively splitting the Noldor in two between the ones who follow him, and the ones who don't. In the Dark Crystal The Skeksis wipe out the Gelfling out of fear of a prophesy. Similarly Feanor, and the rest of the Noldo Wipe out the Teleri because they refused to give Feanor, and his sons the ships to make it to Middle Earth. The Scientist gets thrown in the pit by animals he experimented on. Maed Hros jumps into a pit once he realizes he cannot hold the Silmarils anymore.

Rian is Jen's Ancestor

Of the three main protagonists of the series, Jen resembles Rian the most in overall appearance and especially his coloring. Rian is therefore of the Stonewood Clan, if not directly descended from Rian himself.

The Gelfling Ruin

The Gelfling ruins Jen and Kira discover in the film are all that remains of Stone-in-the-Wood.

Kira is descended from the Vapra Clan
She definitely has their coloring.

The fate of the Heretical Wanderer or Wandering Heretic duo.
In the film, these two make no appearance: not even journeying to the Castle to position themselves around the Crystal. But, this may not mean that they died before the Great Conjunction, having never become the UrSkek they knew they could be (although this downer for them is always very possible).

After all, they're always found together (bickering, but very much together). They're one pair that doesn't need forcing into one space for long enough to fuse; a mere suggestion at the right time would do it. And, they have been performing their maintenance rituals together for ages — with the Skeksis-side nowhere in sight of the main part of the Crystal to get the pair thoroughly dependant on it/ corrupted by its darkening. (The shard itself remains clear until fusion occurs, it should be noted.) Also, that spike that damages both of them might be there to prevent any further corruption, or something, for all we know. Or, boost their connection to each other (even if at some cost).

Did they, maybe, manage to fuse and heal on their own? And, possibly, disappear off by themselves (as the they have always done)? Or, did they, maybe, long ago choose to stay to help fix the unintentional damage done to Thra by the UrSkek's very arrival as part of their joint atonement, instead? One can live in hope.

If any deserve a more hopeful outcome, this pair does. They've earned it by walking the harder path to unity.

Dark Heart
A musician urSkek from the Creation Myths comic who is largely the catalyst the Age of Division after Raunip planted doubts in his mind, causing him to give in to his dark side.

It’s never revealed which Skeksis and Urru he is.

Perhaps since he’s a Musician, he split into the very theatrical skekGra the Conqueror/Heretic and urGoh the Wanderer. Perhaps his involvement in the Division is what lead them to have a vision of unity.


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