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Heartwarming / The Dark Crystal

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  • Jen recalls his happy memories of being raised by the Mystics after his family and people were exterminated by the Skeksis. It includes the wisest of the Mystics protecting him from the Garthim, giving him a bath when he's a baby and teaching him how to read.
  • The Podlings are adorable little people with potato-shaped heads. They surely know how to welcome guests, are party animals, and Kira was Happily Adopted by them following the genocide of the Gelflings that was carried out by the Garthim on behalf of the Skeksis.
    • Jen - despite having just had the worst day of his life up to that point - makes a point of asking Kira how to say "thank you" in the Podlings' language, and repeats the phrase earnestly at every gesture of hospitality he's offered. Before long, the warm welcome relaxes him enough that he pulls out his pipes to join in the cheery music they're playing.
  • After calling the Landstriders, Kira goes on the back of one of them and Jen starts worrying about her coming with him to the castle. Her answer then shows how determined she is to help him in his dangerous quest.
    Jen: But, Kira... you don't have to go!
    Kira: I know.
  • Kira being brought back to life by the urSkeks after the Crystal is restored, and the final shot of her and Jen holding each other as they watch the creatures depart.
    UngIm: Hold her to you. She is part of you — as we are all a part of each other.
  • The movie takes the time to show the zombie Podlings are restored with the healing of the Crystal.
  • One that's more Heartwarming in Hindsight but when Aughra mentions that the Garthim "burned my home," the Skeksis are unusually quiet. If you watch the prequel series, they were the ones that built it for her.