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Tearjerker / Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

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  • The boxcar scene, where Spirit sees phantoms of his herd in the swirling snow, calling him home and helping him regain his will to live. The "Sound the Bugle" sequence doesn't help make the scene any less heart wrenching.
  • When Spirit pretends to collapse from exhaustion, it seems to the other horses like he's dead, and when Spirit lets his head loll back to the ground they're obviously worried. Luckily they realize he's alright soon after.
  • Spirit's capture. Particularly Esperanza attempting to pick her way down the cliff to him, then giving the most heartbroken whinny when he cries out to dissuade her.
  • It's also impossible to watch the scene where Little Creek and Spirit part for the last time without feeling a little choked up.
    • "Take care of her. Spirit... who could not be broken."
    • Spirit "hugs" Little Creek by nudging his head against him. Little Creek desperately hugs him back with a face looking like he's on the verge of tears, before saying "I'll miss you, my friend."
  • How about the scene where the Colonel accidentally shoots Rain when she attempts to protect Little Creek from him? It seriously looks like she legitimately died! Thankfully, it's revealed that she survives at the end of the film in another Tear Jerker and a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Even sadder if you know history and know that a lot of horses died that way because soldiers would shoot at them on purpose. The Appaloosa breed was almost wiped off this way.
  • The way Spirit tries to stay with Rain after she gets shot. When he gets captured (Again), he strains and struggles to stay with her. The reluctance that he shows when he is finally dragged away from her is heartbreaking.
  • The ending, courtesy of Adams/Zimmer's "I Will Always Return".
  • The eagle that Spirit races seeing Spirit captured and calling to him with a sad look in its eyes.


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