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Funny / Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

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  • While Spirit and Little Creek are staring at the opposite side of the gorge with Spirit clearly meaning to jump it.
    Little Creek: Oh, no.
    Spirit: [internally] Ohhh, yes.
  • The Musicalis Interruptus courtesy of Rain stopping abruptly at the edge of the Lakota village, and the rest of the scene where she prevents his efforts to escape.
  • The moment near the beginning of the film when baby Spirit gets his tongue stuck on an icicle. His face is a picture. He then snaps it off and carries it with him.
    • It's only added to when he goes down a snowy slope akin to sledding, completely covering Esperanza and a few other disgruntled horses in snow as he passes. She gives a sheepish, ultimately unapologetic smile before shaking off the snow on her and onto the other horses.
  • Baby Spirit and the herd of bison which are Right Behind Him.
  • A Double Entendre in the Norwegian dub when Spirit monologues "Mares" after Rain whinnies at him for nearly attacking Little Creek; the Norwegian word for "mare" is also a rude name for women, pretty much meaning "bitch" but milder.
    • This is also funny because practically everyone who has ever ridden horses has had a "mares" moment, as mares tend to be more spirited and unruly than geldings at the best of times, and notoriously crazy/difficult when in heat (which is once a month every spring to late autumn).
  • Everything happening to poor Murphy. Even the cavalry horses are laughing at him.
    • The gradually-increasing level of restraints used in an attempt to hold Spirit still long enough to groom him is hilarious in a No Kill like Overkill sense.
  • Basically a lot of Spirit's initial interactions with the Lakota.
    • When he's initially captured by a few of Little Creek's friends, Spirit is understandably a little miffed.
    Spirit: [narrating] I couldn't believe it. One second, I was free; the next... more ropes...
    • Little Creek attempts putting paint on Spirit like one of the other Lakota horses. Spirit steps on the bowl and douses the poor guy in blue paint, though he visibly smiles afterwards.
  • What's the first thing Spirit does when he and Little Creek reunite? Sneaks up on him (with his unshod hooves and the grass doing well to muffle his steps) and quickly shoving him into the water!
  • One soldier gets knocked into a pile of manure during Spirit's escape.
  • The montage of Spirit bucking the cavalry men off his back. One insults him ("Lousy heap of horse flesh!") and Spirit charges at the man, who barely manages to leap over the gate to safety.
    • There is also the fact that at one point Spirit seemed to start enjoying scaring off the men, as they didn't even have to force him back to the point of start after throwing off one them, he just skipped back with sarcastic joy in his step and a smug face.