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Tear Jerker / Shadows of Giants

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  • Fluttershy considering what might be happening to Equestria in her absence. However, the thought that hits her hardest the most: What if she can't go back?
    • Then subsequently, Kenji offers her a hug to which she does... and just bursts into tears.
  • Even though Twilight's outburst is Played for Laughs, it's sad because she's trying desperately to get a good friend of hers back.
  • Kenji mourning over his late father. We find out later that his father died in a car crash when he was eleven years old.
  • Pinkie Pie giving Gummy a tearful goodbye. Again, like Twilight's outburst, it's Played for Laughs but even still, it's like saying goodbye to someone you love even though you don't know you're coming back.
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  • Fluttershy asking why Godzilla and Anguirus did what they did note .
  • Rainbow Dash crying over the loss of her wings. Again, much like Twilight and Pinkie Pie, it's somewhat Played for Laughs but when you consider how she got her cutie mark...
  • Kenji's flashback which emulates Godzilla: Final Wars.
    Kenji's Grandfather: "Long before you were born, Kenji, Man did some terrible things to the world, they made Godzilla angry."
    Young!Kenji: "What kinds of things?"
    Kenji's Grandfather: (chuckles) "Ah, you're too young to understand. (grows serious) They made a huge fire and burned down everything in their path. Because of this, Godzilla can never forgive mankind."


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