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Funny / Shadows of Giants

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Chapter One

  • Kimiko's reaction to Kenji asking her if he can borrow her clothes. It turns out he was going to give them to Fluttershy
  • Fluttershy eating a piece of broccoli tempura mouth-first and digging her face into her rice like a horse.
  • Akio asking her arguing daughters Asuka and Haruko to get along during Summer vacation. Prior to this, the two were arguing about whether or not the elder (Asuka) touched the younger's (Haruko) Hello Kitty car.
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  • Kenji coming up with Fluttershy's surnamenote  by shouting.
  • Kimiko asking if Fluttershy walked all the way from Okinawaexplanation ... naked.

Chapter Two


Chapter Three

  • Rainbow Dash having to remind her sister Firefly not to touch her diary.
  • The fact Pinkie Pie is related to Surprise.
  • Rainbow Dash reacting negatively towards being a dress up doll. Considering the toys...
  • Rarity complaining about her shoes before stepping through the portal.
  • The fact Pinkie still calls herself Auntie Pinkie Pie.
  • Kenji's mother reminding him to feed Ami. In the first part of the chapter, Ami is described as sluggish, even so far as going back to sleep when he sets his foot next to her. However as soon as he calls her for breakfast, she barrels down the stairs.
  • Yuki Akira'snote  cameo.
  • One of the shoes Kenji suggests for Fluttershy? A pair of punk, spiked boots? Her reaction is understandable.


Chapter Five

  • The rest of the Mane Six meeting Kenji for the first time.


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