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Tear Jerker / Sex and the City

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  • Although it dances with becoming Narm, the scene in which Carrie is begging Aidan to take her back after she slept with Big.
    Carrie: You have to forgive me. You have to forgive me. You have to forgive me. (Begins to weep). You have to forgive me.
    • Much better than it sounds.
  • Miranda releasing all the pent-up emotion about her mother's death during a fitting for a new bra.
  • Charlotte and Trey realizing that their marriage is beyond repair. He shows up at a magazine shoot featuring their penthouse that he hadn't wanted to do. When she tells him he can leave if he wants, he firmly says, "No. This is important to you".
    • Richard Slut-Shaming Samantha and refusing her a job because she slept with his architect. Samantha points out the hypocrisy by saying, "If I were a man, you would have shaken my hand and given me a key to your office." She makes it to the elevator before breaking down in tears. (Although it becomes better when Richard calls Samantha back and offers her the job anyway because her speech impressed him.)
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  • Basically every time Samantha got hurt, as it showed that for all her promiscuity, she was looking for love just as much as the other girls. In particular, the aforementioned Richard, who did a lot of work to get her to let her guard down and exchanged "I love yous" with her. . .only to cheat on her.
  • Carrie and Berger struggling to make their relationship work and ultimately failing, with him walking out on her the morning after they've supposedly reconciled and decided to give things another try. It's a very realistic scenario that the writers themselves described as "Meeting The Right Guy. . .At The Wrong Time." that a lot of viewers can emphasize with.
  • "You're breaking up with me while you're still inside me." Played for laughs, but how funny would you find that if you were in her shoes?

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