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  • In the episode just before the series finale, Carrie calls Miranda and admits she misses Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha and also adds she keeps wondering whether she'd like Paris more if she'd come there with Big. Later on, Big calls Charlotte and asks how Carrie is doing. The three then meet up with Big at a resturant, where Big admits to them he still loves Carrie and wants her back, and asks if he should go to Paris (in particular, saying, "I'll wander the streets until I find her") or leave her alone to be with Aleksandr. Charlotte and Samantha both look at Miranda, who simply leans forward and says, "Go get our girl."
  • Harry's proposal to Charlotte. Especially since it looked at first like he was going to reject her.
  • Charlotte and Harry's interactions seem to be almost made of this.
    • In particular, when Charlotte puts up her last Christmas tree (in July) knowing it's a tradition she will give up due to her conversion to Judaism. She points out a particular favorite ornament, and Harry insists she hold on to it because of how much it means to her. Easily one of the sweetest moments in the whole series.
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  • Any time Miranda displays that she does in fact have a heart (particularly when she rescues Steve's mother and cleans her off afterward)
  • In the series finale, Smith comes back from a movie shoot simply to tell Samantha he loves her. Her response: "You have meant more to me than any man I've ever known." Which, for her, is saying something.
  • A less traditional but still quite touching Heartwarming Moment occurs in the movie when Carrie comforts Charlotte, who is scared that something bad is going to happen to her because her friends have had such a bad year and she herself is getting everything she ever wanted.
    Carrie: Honey, you shit your pants this year. Maybe you're done.
  • A meta-example. In the season six premiere Carrie runs into Aidan and his baby son Tate. As she approaches Tate has a really happy and excited reaction. That was actually Sarah Jessica Parker's own son, happy to see his mother coming up to him.
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  • Carrie immediately coming to comfort Charlotte when she hears about her miscarriage.
  • Near the season finale, Anthony drops his abrasive attitude to ask Charlotte if he'll still be an important part of her life, now she has a baby. Charlotte hugs him and replies that Anthony will always be important to her, and he responds with a genuine smile.
  • Aiden's proposal to Carrie, and his laugh of surprise and happiness when she says yes. Harsher in Hindsight after she later broke up with him, but still...
    • Another sweet, but very small, moment occurs between Charlotte and Anthony in season 6. Charlotte mentions that she was Prom Queen in high school, and he responds with a proud, 'Of course you were, darling.'
  • When Miranda calls Carrie and tells her she's gone into labour, Carrie is in a carriage with Big. When she freaks out about not meeting Miranda in time, Big promptly pays the cabbie four-hundred dollars to take them to the hospital.
  • In the first season when the girls go to another friend's baby shower, only for Charlotte to discover that the mom-to-be has pilfered the name Charlotte wanted for her yet-unborn child. She whines to Samantha, of all people, that "She stole my baby name!" Without hesitation, Samantha looks at the woman and declares, "You BITCH!", then puts her arm around Charlotte and leads her out. Keep in mind, Samantha hates kids, doesn't want kids, doesn't want to be at the party, and probably doesn't even know what Charlotte's talking about, but when she sees that Charlotte's upset, she doesn't hesitate to stick up for her and comfort her.
  • When Samantha finally manages to get an appointment with a renowned oncologist, and instantly asks for another appointment for the other woman who's been waiting for one.
    • The other woman is a nun who Samantha initially made uncomfortable with stories of her sex life. Samantha's far from religious, but she clearly believes in good karma.
  • After waiting out what seems like dozens of other women to go home with Smith, Samantha goes over to the one woman still hanging on. Even as she sternly informs the girl, "I'M going home with him", she compliments her on fighting a good fight and offers to pay for her dinner so that at least the girl won't have spent a fortune on a fruitless pursuit.
  • Smith in general. Throughout their entire relationship, he refuses every single one of Samantha's efforts to push him away, even waiting while she screws another guy, knowing full well that her behavior is due to fear of being hurt, and the thought of ditching her during her cancer treatment never occurs to him—when she's forced to shave her head during chemo and tells him to leave because "you can't handle this", he takes the razor from her and starts to shave his head, wordlessly showing her that he's there for her.
  • Despite Charlotte being justly upset yet unjustly angry at Miranda, who had gotten pregnant by mistake while Charlotte continues having infertility problems, Miranda follows her home, from a distance, and Charlotte knew that she was. Later, after Miranda has decided not to have an abortion, Charlotte (who was very upset about her decision) shows up with flowers, clearly willing to put aside her feelings in order to be supportive. When Miranda tells her that she's decided to have the baby after all, Charlotte again puts aside her feelings and happily declares, "We're having a baby!"
  • After seeing how stressed out motherhood is making Miranda, Samantha gives up her hair appointment for Miranda and babysits Brady.
  • In the first movie, when Miranda asks Charlotte how often she's happy in her relationship, Charlotte's answer is immediate, simple and completely earnest.
    Charlotte: Every day.
    Miranda: Oh, come on...
    Charlotte: Well, not all day every day, but... every day.
  • During Miranda's wedding, when the minister says "in sickness and in health", and Carrie holds Samantha's hand. Earlier that day, Samantha had relayed to Carrie that she had breast cancer.
  • After Charlotte and Trey decide to divorce, Trey still shows up for their photo shoot as he knows it was important to her.
  • After his mother tried to get revenge on Charlotte for the divorce, he comes to Charlotte's defense through a telegram and orders his mother to stop.
  • Mingled with a Tearjerker, during the funeral of Miranda's mother, Miranda continues to be her snarky self, up until she has to walk alone behind the coffin and begins to break down in tears. Carrie immediately gets up and rushes to Miranda's side to walk beside her.


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