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Heartwarming / Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

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  • Ava laying into the band for not respecting "Queen Gigi", and saying that it was because of her that they were becoming successful again, so they'd damn well better pay attention when she speaks.
  • Johnny and Gigi's duet "Put It On Me", a song they wrote especially for Johnny's mother. Promptly subverted when his mother cuts into the middle of the song to sing her own. Made heartwarming again at the end when the group overhears Johnny's dad playing the main theme on his saxophone at the end of the episode.
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  • Flash covering up his Lady Gaga tattoo with a Gigi one - say what you will about their relationship, but the man does care about her.
  • In the season two premiere, he realizes that lying to Gigi about the seriousness and longevity of his past affair with Ava has severely damaged her trust in him and he's noticeably upset - saying his heart feels "bruised" and lashing out at Rehab during an impromptu photoshoot asking him if he thinks he's "fucking around" - vowing to earn back said trust. By the end of the episode he's come clean to her about everything, and they get back together. Subverted to hell and back when he cheats on her with Ava... and then ends up cheating on Ava with someone else.

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