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  • When Carrie is stressing about the wedding planning and Big is on the computer, reluctant to be pulled away, he's not focused on work or anything else. He's stressing about the contractor for their home together. She interrupts him somewhat patronizingly. He's focused on their life and future together, she's focused on the wedding party spectacle. She's not wrong to be excited, but their priorities and focus are different.
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  • In "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" (S 2 E 1), Charlotte claims that Big and Carrie went out for a year. However, the timeline doesn't match up for this at all - their first 'drink-thing' was in "Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys" (S 1 E 4), their first actual date was in "Secret Sex" (S 1 E 6), and they don't begin to date exclusively until the very end of "The Monogamists" (S 1 E 7). Then, Carrie doesn't fart in front of Big (even on accident) or tell him she loves him for the first time until the "The Drought" (S 1 E 11), which are both relationship milestones that are usually surpassed after a couple of months together, not the better part of a year. Then they break up in "O Come, All Ye Faithful" (S 1 E 12) because Big hasn't mentioned her even in passing to his mother (which no sane person wouldn't have done after dating someone for a whole year) as they were about to embark on their first weekend away together (which would have definitely happened sooner than after a year together)! There is NO WAY they were actually dating for a whole year. Either Charlotte very romantically and naively considered everything from the moment Carrie and Big met to be part of "their relationship," or it's a case of Writers Cannot Do Math.

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