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  • Berger breaking up with Carrie through a post-it is pretty sad, but it also becomes pretty hilarious when she uses it later to get out of being arrested for trying to buy pot on the street.
    Miranda: Look, can't you cut her a break? Her boyfriend just broke up with her through a Post-It.
    Cop: Pssh, c'mon. That didn't happen.
    (Carrie knocks on the squad car window and presses the Post-It against the glass)
    Cop: (reading) "I'm sorry, I can't. Don't hate me." Wow, brutal.
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  • Samantha brazenly has nude photos taken of her to satisfy her ego and fear of aging, but no one commments on them to her dismay. She finally stops caring what people think and celebrates by ordering take-out fast food. While getting her purse, the delivery guy notices one of the framed nudes (because of course Sam would have it framed for all to see) and:
    Delivery Guy: Nice ass!
    (Samantha reaches back in her purse and pulls out a $20 bill)
    Samantha: I didn't tip you enough.
    (Delivery Guy grins like a fool)
  • Cynthia Nixon's hilariously panicked delivery of Miranda's Squick at a lover asking for a rim job by waggling his ass: "I don't want to do that!"
  • Samantha has had several, but perhaps her all time funniest was her proclamation about Miranda's son- "That baby is an asshole!"
  • After yet another disastrous date, a fed-up and hung-over Charlotte loses her temper and starts shrieking, "I've been dating since I was 15! I'm exhausted! WHERE IS HE?" One laughs, but when you realizes that that's 19 years of dating without having found Mr. Right, her frustration is actually pretty understandable.
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  • Samantha is putting up posters of ex-boyfriend Richard telling everyone what a cheater he is. A police officer (A then-unknown Chandra Wilson) tells her she has to stop.
    Samantha: This man told me he loved me and then I found him eating another woman's pussy!
    Officer: Carry on, ma'am.
  • In one episode Samantha is afraid she might have reached the menopause. She confesses to the other three that she's "actually a little older than the rest of you". Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte all awkwardly avoid her gaze.
  • In the movie when Carrie makes a half-hearted pun in Mexico Samantha's reaction is priceless.
    Samantha: Oh honey, you told a joke! Good for you! *super excited, supportive nod and smile*
  • The infamous anal sex discussion, where Charlotte panics she doesn't want to be known as the "up the butt girl".
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  • Pretty much anything Antony says.

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