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Tear Jerker / ReLIFE

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  • The series as a whole shows just how cruel the workplace and society can be at times, ranging from workplace harassment leading to suicide and the pressure society places on you.
  • Kaizaki's effort to help his superior resulted in her committing suicide. This haunts him so much that he has marks on his neck from where he constantly scratches himself when he recalls it and doubts if his presence is a good thing for those around him.
    • Made worse when we see a moment in the past between the two in 179.
  • Yoake tried to support Hishiro, but her effort only made it worse and she ended up failing her original ReLIFE.
  • Hishiro tried to help a bullied girl, only for the bullying to become worse similar to Kaizaki's attempt. She ended up closing her heart entirely that year, leading to her failing.
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  • Even though Hishiro and Kaizaki are falling in love, as things stand both will have their memories erased at the experiment's end. Chapter 155 clarifies that it's literally a technical issue that they don't know how to solve, no matter who wants it.
  • Hishiro's inability to place co-operation over efficiency at the beginning of the cultural festival leads to her remembering why she couldn't bond with others during her work and led to her entering the program to begin with. Worse, it reminds Kaizaki of his former superior who did everything herself and ended up committing suicide.
  • Ohga and Kariu's relationship comes to a boiling point at Chapter 165 because of his issues with his brother. His family has been struggling since his mother abandoned him and his father, and while his brother worked so hard to support them, he ended up being bullied by his co-workers to the point he became a shut-in.
    • Not to mention Ohga keeps it a secret because he doesn't want his family to be considered Low-Class since people have constantly mocked or pitied him for being poor, leading to a complex to where he's genuinely afraid to tell her.
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    • And then he points out that while he loves and respects his brother, society views people who are like him being lower and something to be embarrassed about.
  • Chapter 186 ends with Hishiro sobbing alone on the side of the road after she realizes Kaizaki is also a member of ReLIFE, since it means neither of them will remember each other when it's over. This makes the last words of the chapter, what might normally be a Heartwarming Moment, even worse.
    Hishiro: I love him so much
  • Chapter 199 has Kaizaki plan on confessing to Hishiro after she enters college and restart their relationship since he expects that she won't remember him. Yoake, knowing that both of them will completely forget everything, can only put on a smile as they celebrate the new year to not show any signs of how badly it stings.
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  • Chapter 216 starts with Onoya finding Hishiro had written the words "I was in love with Kaizaki Arata" on her hand. The rest of the chapter proceeds to be one long Tear Jerker by solemnly showing that yes, Kaizaki and Hishiro have forgotten everything about each other.

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