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Heartwarming / ReLIFE

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  • The exchange between Kokoro Amatsu and Arata in the beginning, she chews him out hard for having cigarettes, genuinely worried for his future and he admits he respects her a great deal for being a teacher at such a young age. This gets a very nice smile out of Amatsu and some great insight into how they interact with those younger than themselves.
  • Onoya's constant support for Yoake.
  • Kaizaki learning that he was being looked up to by new recruits at his old company for quitting because he couldn't stand it.
    • And Yoake arranged it so they ran into one another to help him.
  • Yoake offering Hishiro a second chance at the project.
    • In the manga, it's Hishiro who asks for a second chance, showing that she's still determined to improve. Her request is approved.
  • Kaizaki working so hard during the cultural festival to get Hishiro to work as part of a group than take the leave. Even without knowing she's part of the project, he has pegged her issue and is trying to help her get over it so she doesn't end up overworking herself like his former superior.
  • Kariu helping Kaizaki realize that all his effort helping everyone else wasn't meaningless.
  • Hishiro realizing that she's fallen in love with Kaizaki.
  • Chapter 170 as a whole.
    • Ogha makes it clear that despite how society views his brother for being a shut-in, he still loves and respects him.
    • Hishiro and Kaizaki tells him that its okay to tell Kariu and that they respect both him and his brother, and he shouldn't treat him the same way society would.
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  • Chapter 197-198: Kaizaki and Hishiro finally confess to each other and decide to date for however long they have their memories.
  • Chapter 220: Against all odds, Hishiro and Kaizaki manage to regain their memories of each other.

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