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  • The students seem to be arranged, desks-wise, according to the first furigana character of their surnames. In this way, Hishiro and Yoake sit near each other. However, what if this was enforced not only due to the (meta) constraint of how many characters fit in a classroom scene without crowding it, but because of the fact Yoake was in charge of subject 001 aka Hishiro and would, therefore, be able to watch them without appearing to be conspicuous? This would explain An's presence (despite her not being in charge of subject 002) as An's surname would make her desk in proximity to Kaizaki's.
    • It is later revealed An was supposed to be Kaizaki's supervisor, instead of Yoake.
  • The ending themes used for the series are the songs Arata listened to when he was first in High School. This is evident as ReLife's ending songs are all licensed tracks. While some of the bands showcased are still very popular today, many of the songs used were over 20 years old at the time of the anime's airing, with Mika Nakashima's Yuki no Hana, being the newest song (it was made in 2003).
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  • At the end of Episode 12 of the anime, when Ooga is talking about confessing to Kariu, the other four people in the group, Kaizaki, Hishiro, Yoake and Onoya, fade slightly when the focus turns to Ooga's thoughts. While this is presumably meant to highlight Ooga's internal monologue, it also reflects everyone's true ages. Kaizaiki, Hishiro, Yoake, and Onoya are all adults involved in Re Life, and given that people involved in the experiment will be wiped from the student's memories, the fact that they fade as the focus turns to Ooga's thoughts seems to serve as ominous Foreshadowing for his future Laser-Guided Amnesia.

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