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  • When Ohga finally admits to Kaizaki that he likes Kariu, he shouts "FINALLY" after spending months of trying to get him a clue.
    • Ironically, Onoya has the same reaction when Hishiro admits that she's in love with Kaizaki in Chapter 152.
  • Chapter 121: When Hishiro carries Kaizaki off to talk to him alone, Yoake and Onoya immediately being to wiretap them.
  • Chapter 122: Hishiro demands Kaizaki touch her.
  • Chapter 136: While Hishiro is sick, Onoya comes to visit her. She asks her to leave until Onoya reveals she has ice cream. The face she makes is hilarious and the background text reads: Joy.
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  • Chapter 150: Kaizaki botches the race by collapsing in front of the finish line. No one is surprised since he's physically unfit.
  • Chapter 158: Onyo and Kaizaki double-team Ohga, teasing him about not kissing Kariu yet. Right up until Kaizaki recalls Hishiro asking him to touch her.
  • Chapter 168: Ogha confesses that his brother is a Neet and its embarrassing. He says this to Kaizaki and Hishiro, who are both in the Re Life program for that reason.
  • Chapter 170: Hishiro makes a face that terrifies both Ogha and Kaizaki.
  • Chapter 173: Hishiro and Kaizaki decide to spy on Ohga and Kariu when they go on a date, while Onoya and Yoake spy on them.
  • Chapter 216 is one of the saddest in the series. Then The Stinger comes in with some Mood Whiplash.
    Onoyanote : Ah, good, it's water based...

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