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Kaizaki will be referred to the same company as Hishiro.
Best case scenario: They remember each other. At the very least, their romance will be rekindled.
  • Confirmed. And it's ReLIFE Laboratories to boot.

One of the kids will be Kaizaki's kohai in Kaizaki's next company after they graduate college.
Kaizaki will get then to rebuild their friendship, since they maintained some contact after those years.
  • Jossed. However, biologically, Kaizaki instead takes in Ohga's older brother who presumably may also work for Re LIFE in the far future after his own Re LIFE program ends.

There's a chance Kaizaki gets to continue his Re LIFE
Nobody said it can't be done. After all, Hishiro did get a second year after Yoake requested for it. If he does ( Even better if Hishiro also gets it, and since Yoake and Onoya are supervisors, they have to join as well), they get to continue be buddies with the real teenagers at the university.
  • Jossed and not jossed at the same time. While Kaizaki and also Hishiro do not get to continue their Re LIFE as Kaizaki successfully completed his anyway and he even asked whether he could remain as a teenager but it was a wet dream, both Kaizaki and Hishiro get to continue their Re LIFE programs but not as subjects anymore. Instead, they continue as part of the support division. Unfortunately, due to needing to go back to high school for the Re LIFE program for Ohga's older brother in this case, Kaizaki (and Hishiro for her own subject) won't get to meet their friends at the university unless a Re LIFE program has a program for people to go through university lives again which is when Kaizaki and Hishiro will get to meet Kariu and the gang again, only if the higher ups find ways to reconnect the missing memories.

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