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Tear Jerker / Primal

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  • Get a Game Over in any way and you see Jen in her hospital room dead or dying in her coma. A melancholy tune plays while the camera draws back, showing her room in what seems like an empty void with no one there for her.
    • It's even more tragic considering that it could be her lover Lewis that kills her.
    • It could even be the result of Jen killing Scree when she's possessed by Chaos.
    • See for yourself here. Primal Game Over by fallenparty.
  • Jen's final farewell before she returns to the human world. Doubles as a CMOH:
    Jen: (Taking Abdizur's hand) Abdizur, Scree.
    Abdizur: Goodbye Jen.
    Jen: I will never gorget you.
    Abdizur: Do you think you might endevour never to forget me only in my current form?
    Jen: Not a chance Rocky, not a chance.
    • Especially sad considering we actually see her fading in and out of existance before finally vanishing, leaving only her vambrace behind.


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