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Jen is the child of Lady Arella and Lord Abaddon.

  • "You were brought into Oblivion as a baby. Your soul tainted by the touch of Chaos." - Scree to Jen
  • "You are a hybrid, Jennifer; half mortal, half demon. One of only two in all existence, and to me that makes you more important than an army of demons. Did you think it was just those trinkets on you arms that allowed you to change form? You have powers that even Abaddon does not fully comprehend. You can go anywhere, do things that Belahzur could not if he had a millennium. The laws of the Nexus are yours to break." - Lady Arella

Lady Arella points out that Jen never knew her parents. Jen was rescued from Abaddon by Abdizur and Lady Arella's legions. Abaddon calls Jen "daughter." If Abaddon is Jen's father, then an equally strong and opposite force would have to be Jen's mother. That other parent could only be Lady Arella.

The spirit of the shaman Devena had killed persuaded the Ferai Shaman to aid Jen and Scree.
Primal is a game where almost everything is explained at great length before it's encountered. Everything else is explained as we go along. There's just one exception. The second shaman in Solum. The one at the Ferai Hunt Camp. The one Jen and Scree speak with more than once. That shaman, with his combination water buffalo and antelope horns, speaks some sense, and some nonsensical non sequiturs.

The shaman summons Green Ferai energy up from the fire as Jen and Scree approach. The shaman seems to sense them behind his back before they announce themselves. "Two are come..." he says in English, where previously he had been speaking the Demon Tongue.

From Babigurl 94's game script on GameFAQs:

"Talk with the Shaman"

Shaman: "No further! Do they know they approach the sacred grounds?"
[There is a long pause, and the Shaman nods to himself.]
Shaman: "Doubtless you are right..."
[Jen and Scree look at each other in confusion and shrug.]
Scree: "We saw your fire, that's all."
Jen: "We're kinda asking everyone... have you seen Prince Jared? We're trying
to find him."
[The Shaman shakes a little, then lunges towards Jen.]
Shaman: "Spirit! A spirit... walking with... well, why don't you ask him? Ha!"

The Shaman is obviously speaking to someone else in the phrases indicated with italics. Someone present, but not sensed by the others.

The best, perhaps only candidate, is the spirit of the shaman killed in the earlier cutscene "Encounter with Devena". There is no evidence for this other than the second Shaman's behavior.

Here's the dialogue from the second cutscene with the Ferai Shaman at the Hunt Camp. Note one more mention of "the spirit", by the Shaman, towards the end.

Jen: "Listen up - I'm sorry, but there's something you need to know."
Shaman: "Hmm.... she will speak..."
Jen: "That sacred place of yours isn't quite so off limits as you think, it's crawling with people!"
Scree: "Jen, allow me to handle this... Sir, the Necropolis... We have evidence of Ferai presence there... guards, archers..."
Jen: "'S what I said!"
Shaman: "You have dared to set your dirty feet there?!"
Scree: "My... companion here lost her bearings and uh..."
Jen: "The point is... they ARE there! You know about that? What are they doing?"
Shaman: "It is a sacrilege."
Scree: "I'd say they're there for a purpose. They are using the cover of sacred land - guarded by yourself here warning people off - as a hideaway. And the one who is hidden is Jared!"
Shaman (shaking his head violently) : "Stop!"
[Pause while Jen and Scree look at each other quizzically.]
Shaman: "Now continue."
Scree: "Sir, the only path to... sanctity... the Kingdom's survival... is for Jared to be found and then Herne will be able to relinquish his throne. We need to explore the Necropolis."
Shaman: "No one passes this point."
Scree: "We're asking your blessing... Meanwhile, there are soldiers stamping all over that hallowed place..."
Jen: (Extending her foot and tapping it on the ground while pointing at it): "Stamping with their dirty feet!"
Scree: "...yes... and we're willing to get them out of there."
Shaman: "No more!"
(Shaman turns his back and paces about, then returns.)
Shaman: "You have my blessing... in these accursed days... we look beyond our first desires."
(Shaman takes something from his pocket and holds it out to Jen and Scree.)
Shaman: "For the spirit?"
(Jen takes green crystal from the shaman.)
Shaman: "If you are to enter the Necropolis, you will need this."
(Scree bows. Jen curtsies a little awkwardly.)

The ending of the game is a sequel hook for a game staring Lewis.
Obviously, it never occurred but the way it ends could easily lead to a game where Lewis is trying to return to Mortalis through a series of crazy events. Something like his defeat caused his spirit to be shattered and he has to regain all of his spirit to rebuild his memories, his demonic powers and finally return to his body.