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Tear Jerker / Nick Bertke

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Yes, Nick's music is awesome and feel-good, but it will sometimes make you cry.

  • Many of Nick's songs overall carry a deep underlying feeling of melancholy to them at parts, which of course can be quite saddening depending on the viewer.
  • "Buzzwing" is pretty heartrending in the nostalgic sense, and its down-low sound. The shot of Buzz laying broken on the ground from the "I Will Go Sailing No More" sequence at the end of the video doesn't help either.
    • Even if you didn't want to see that image, Nick went and set it as the video's thumbnail.
  • "Davyd" is probably his most disheartening song. Made even worse if you've seen the movie, because it makes some of the incorporated voice samples that much more tearjerking.
    • The song's ending. Saying any more would ruin it.
  • "White Magic", in the Tears of Joy variety, considering how beautiful the song is.
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  • Are you a Sesame Street fan? Have you seen the show at least once in your childhood? Then listen to the remixes "Muppet Mash" and "Grover Groove" and try not to cry. You will be unprepared for the nostalgia.
  • "Bangarang" became a lot sadder for people to listen to after the death of Robin Williams. To add to this, Nick added a comment addressing his feelings about it:
    Hook was my movie as a kid. Like many of his films, Robin gave it a warm gooey center that no one else could have done. It feels like I've lost a father figure because Robin practically shaped my sense of humor and understanding of humility since I was very very small. Robin could dress like a woman, project immense love and spirituality, and not once would it ever raise questions or make us the slightest bit uncomfortable. He gave and taught me so much. It's devastating and perplexing to know he took his own life in the end. I'm so very sorry I never gave back to him even a small piece of what he gave me.
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  • "Kenya Chords", one of his real-world mixes. The sheer beauty of it all will most likely leave you in tears.


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