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Tear Jerker / Modest Mouse

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This indie-rock band sure knows how to open up the waterworks.

  • Little Motel. Though a sad song in its own right, the video to this song ramps it up to eleven — with a mother watching her son die in a hospital, then carrying his body out to her car, driving him to a diner, a gas station, then putting him to bed at a motel, all played in reverse. Describing it in words makes it sounds creepy as hell. In fact, just watch it.
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  • Teeth Like God's Shoeshine qualifies, mainly due to the vocal delivery and dynamic nature of the song.
  • The World At Large, a soft, poignant song that documents confusion about one's place in life, breaks the heart of anyone who can relate, and a lot of people can relate.
  • The softly-sung, hopeless lyrics of Positive/Negative can strike particularly hard.
  • "Workin' on Leavin' The Livin'," a calm rock number which rewrites that one song in Eraserhead as buildup to what reads pretty much exactly like a suicide note.
  • Night On The Sun, especially in the second half.
    "There's one thing to know about this earth
    We're put here just to make more dirt, and that's ok
    It's alright... it's alright"
    • Along with the naturally-Tear Jerker melody, this line is very, very powerful.
  • When paired with the video, Ocean Breathes Salty qualifies, for sure. While the song itself conveys a powerful mixture of spiteful, blunt rage, desperation, and relief, one might find the music video to be strangely depressing; a little kid finds an injured bird, which is actually the lead singer in a costume, and takes care of it until it dies. The whole thing if you watch it implies that the kid doesn't have a father, and that while his mother does care for him they can't really relate to each other that well. In the end the crow was just somebody the kid was hoping he could play with and have fun with.
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  • Life Like Weeds
  • Wild Pack of Family Dogs
  • "Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset". The suicide references, weary acoustics, and achingly beautiful guitar/cello jam combine to make something even more raw and emotional then their "I'm utterly pissed at capitalism, romance, and the general public" noisefests.
  • In keeping with "Talking Shit...", "Bankrupt on Selling" may be one of the most depressingly cynical songs Modest Mouse has ever written, which is hard to do when you're a band that's widely known for being cynical.
  • The Moon and Antarctica has always been kind of a sad album, but "3rd Planet" can make some people start crying halfway through.
  • Then there is Missed the Boat.
    "Oh and I know this of myself
    We listen more to life's end gong
    Than the sound of life's sweet bells..."
  • Trailer Trash:
    "Short love with a long divorce
    And a couple of kids of course
    They don't mean anything
    Live in trailers with no class
    Goddamn I hope I can pass high school, means nothing"
  • The beautiful melancholy of Gravity Rides Everything. The realization of all the things in the world that weigh down on ones shoulders, and how there's nothing you can really do about it. It's an acceptance that's as comforting as it is hopelessly tragic.
    "In the motions, and the things that you say
    It all will fall, fall right into place
    As fruit drops, flesh it sags
    Everything will, fall right into place
    When we die, some sink and some lay
    But at least I... don't see you float away"
    • The guitar spiraling away at the end is just icing on the cake.
  • Edit the Sad Parts is a heartbreakingly beautiful suicide song, with a sound not far from what most nineties emo bands were doing back in those days. It's made even more heartwrenching by a repetitive, fluctuating bass/drum outro, and the fanmade video for the song (which depicts suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge, pictured on the EP's cover) serves to hammer it home even more.

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