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  • Author Existence Failure: Work on the video for "King Rat" came to a halt when its director, Heath Ledger, suddenly died. It was finally finished and released nearly two years after his death, to coincide with the song's release on the No One's First and You're Next EP.
  • Black Sheep Hit: "Float On"; if not in sound, it's certainly far happier than their other songs. Quoth Brock:
    It was a completely conscious thing. I was just kind of fed up with how bad shit had been going, and how dark everything was, with bad news coming from everywhere. Our president is just a fucking daily dose of bad news! Then you've got the well-intentioned scientists telling us that everything is fucked. I just want to feel good for a day.
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  • Missing Episode: Sad Sappy Sucker was meant to be the band's first full album, recorded between 1994 and 1995 and produced by Calvin Johnson for K Records. K shelved the album, the band moved on to a different label, and This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About became their first full album to be released instead. K Records finally put out Sad Sappy Sucker in 2001, to coincide with the success of The Moon And Antarctica.
  • No Export for You: Night On the Sun was originally released only in Japan. It was later sent via vinyl to the U.S. when the band signed with Epic Labels.
  • Playing Against Type: The band's well known for playing really cynical and bitter songs. Then came Float On, which is the polar opposite.
    • They also had a minor follow-up hit with "Dashboard" from We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, which engages with similar themes.
    Well, it could have been — should have been — worse than you would ever know
    Yeah, the dashboard melted but we still have the radio...
  • Romance on the Set: Multi-instrumentalist Lisa Molinaro is also Isaac Brock's girlfriend.

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