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Tear Jerker / Medium

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  • The finale of the two-part episode Wicked Games. Cynthia Keener avenges her daughter Suzy's death by shooting Suzy's killer and immediately turning herself in for it. Allison sits and holds Cynthia's hand while waiting for the police to arrive.
  • The episode Once in a Lifetime has Ariel's boyfriend believing to be actually a man named Angelo Filipelli because he knows since he can remember everything about this guy's life, who died the same year he was born. Angelo Filipelli was actually his murdered biological father. Since children before age one can see and remember ghosts, he visited his son daily telling him everything about him until he was no longer able to see his ghost. The other twist is that he believed to be Angelo Filipelli, but he was actually Angelo Filipelli junior, as his father planned to call him after his grandfather and himself.
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  • When Joe and some colleagues are held hostage by a disgruntled former employee, his boss realises that the gunman only has time to shoot one person. The reason he only has time is because his boss dives on the gun and blocks the guy from taking aim at the other two (Joe, a father of three, and a pregnant woman). Sadder still because the boss mentioned in passing that he and his wife were going to the opera that night. Even sadder when you realise that the gunman was only doing it because he had a terminal illness and wanted to support his family.
  • The series finale.

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