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  • In "How to Kill A Good Guy," as Ariel's getting ready to leave for Dartmouth, she goes into Bridgette's bedroom and tells her that although Bridgette can pretend to not care about her leaving, Ariel will never stop loving her, and as she leaves, Bridgette says "Me too," and Ariel tells her that she'll see her at parents week.
  • There's an episode where Allison is being possessed by someone on Valentine's Day, and so Joe calls her phone and leaves a voicemail telling her that he loves her and misses her. The second the spirit leaves her (a day later), she tells Joe she still needs to get him a gift, not knowing that she missed it. He's happy just to have her back.
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  • "Baby Fever" has the usually spunky and upbeat Bridgette all worked up about being the middle child. She is tearfully concerned that nobody looks at her for who she is, that she is instead the shadow to both of her sisters. This is prompted by Marie being surprisingly good at playing the clarinet the moment she picks it up, which Bridgette has been working on for weeks. Later in the episode, we see Bridgette waking up Marie, who tells her she has not been to sleep all night because she has been dreaming of an older gentleman teaching her how to play that specific clarinet song. When she asks Marie why she is telling her all of that, she simply answers, "Because you're my big sister."

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