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Drinking game for Medium:

  • Take a drink whenever Alison awakes from a nightmare. Two if she gasps. This one is optional.
  • Take a drink any time Devalos says something along the lines of 'I'm confused' or 'I don't understand' when Allison tells him about a dream.
  • Take a drink any time Lee says 'I don't know what to tell you' when the evidence doesn't match up with the dream.
    • Take a drink whenever anyone says this phrase.
  • Take a drink every time Joe, who really should know better by now, refuses to believe in a dream.
    • Please clarify, does pointing out to Alison that the only reasonable response to the ridiculously ambiguous dream she just had is to do nothing count as disbelief from Joe? And if so, should you take another drink when she ignores his advice and makes everything worse?
      • one drink when Joe points his reasonable response. another 2 when Allison ignores his advise.
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  • Take a drink any time one of the kids shows signs of having abilities.
  • Take a drink whenever someone is wearing sunglasses for no obvious reason.


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