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Nightmare Fuel / Medium

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Medium has its fair share of Nightmare Fuel, but that's justified that technically speaking, it is a show mainly about nightmares coming true. Spoilers below.

  • The second episode, in which a couple therapist encourages a man to murder his wife and looks perversely pleased when a splatter of blood hits her in the face.
  • Another one opens quite nicely, with a family photobook, telling the story of a young man who loved animals and a young girl who was the prettiest in her school... Jeffrey Dahmer and one of the Manson girls.
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  • We have Joe coming home and finding a bloody, psychotic Ariel with an axe in her hands.
  • The opening of the episode "In the Rough" shows us the POV of a rape victim. First, they are drugged and in the passenger seat of a car, while the driver tells them to relax and "just go with it". He's pulled over by a cop, but the cop is convinced that the passenger is just sleeping and the driver is taking her home. Then we cut to the driver forcing himself on the victim in a bedroom. Then we cut to the rapist burying the victim alive. As the the dirt hit's the victim's face, they begin to cough, sputter and choke. It's the voice of a 4-year old girl. And the cop in question was Lee, who has hated himself for letting a rapist go unintentionally that night.
  • And let's not take into account the Libra Killer or the Halloween episode 'Bite Me'.
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  • Also disturbing were, in season 4, her dreams about what happened to Cynthia's daughter.
  • There's also the fact that just killing someone isn't enough, especially if they know about the afterlife.
  • Diedrich Bader in a bikini from the notorious 2009 episode Will The Real Fred Rovick Stand Up? His character wasn't a Wholesome Crossdresser, but an identity thief. It can scare the living daylights out of people, this episode.
  • The idea that dead serial killers can continue to possess people for eternity?
  • The season one episode with the "Good Samaritan". Allison knows that he's a horrific Serial Killer who kidnaps, rapes and murders young women (who all go with him willingly because he seems like such a Nice Guy), but she can't do anything about it - because it hasn't happened yet. All she can do is warn the first of his victims and hope she'll remember it in seven years.

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