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What is going on at the start of Season 4?

  • They have random people in the street asked about what happened at the end of the previous season Where it is revealed to the public that Allison is psychic. Why?

Joe's father is also sometimes confusing.He says in the episode "Burn, Baby Burn" (Season 4) that the deceased cannot see anything about those that they love, yet in previous seasons, he appears to Allison about advice about Joe's mother (the same person who he now knows nothing about). Whats the deal with that?

  • It's more that they can't se EVERYTHING about their loved ones.

The fourth season episode "But For The Gace of God". We've seen a young Allison before in multiple episodes. Why in this one is she suddenly played by Jennifer Lawrence who had already been in an episode last season ("Mother's Little Helper"). In Ariel's dreams, it could make sense since Ariel has connected to this girl before, but the year book picture shouldn't show Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Likely just a case of the original actress being unavailable and they liked working with Lawrence the previous season and decided to reuse her.

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