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Tear Jerker / MCU Rewrites

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Heartwrenching moments in the MCU Rewrites:

Age of Ultron: Redux

  • Steve lamenting the fact that Peggy is practically on her death bed.
  • Tony mourning JARVIS' apparent death at Ultron's hands.
  • Wanda ranting to Hawkeye about how horrible her and Pietro's lives were because of the missile from Stark Industries hitting their house, leaving them orphans.
  • In hindsight after reading New Avengers, Pietro being able to come out of the Final Battle with Ultron alive. It really seemed he was going to be Spared by the Adaptation.

New Avengers

  • Wanda being called a freak.
    Wanda: You get used to it, after a while.
    Vision: That should not be something you have to get used to.
  • Quicksilver being murdered by Gorgon. Wanda's rage at this is perfectly understandable albeit horrifying as she nearly kills Gorgon.
  • Natasha is pretty exhausted after her trial.
  • Pietro's funeral with Magneto, his father, visiting his son's grave.

Black Widow

  • All of the girls who suffered in the Red Room.
  • Natasha being forced to kill Yelena, her best friend.

Captain America: Ghosts Of HYDRA

  • Tony finding out that Bucky killed his parents and his subsequent fight with both him and Steve.

Avengers: Civil War

  • Tony talking about the kids from Wakanda killed in Ultron's attack.
  • Wanda being afraid that the Sokovia Accords will lead to something similar to the concentration camps.
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  • Peggy's death; especially Sharon and Steve's reactions to it.
  • T'Challa's father being killed in the UN Complex explosion.
  • Zemo listening to the last words he ever heard from his wife.
  • Sam and Rhodey both talking about how they wished they could bring Pietro Back from the Dead.

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