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Heartwarming moments in the MCU Rewrites:

Age of Ultron: Redux

  • Basically any moment Pietro and Wanda have as siblings.
  • Whether their relationship is platonic or not, Steve's concern for Bucky is very touching.
  • Thor complimenting Jane's work as a scientist and kissing her before he has to go.
  • Betty Ross has returned and Bruce is incredibly happy to get back together with her.
  • Clint and Natasha expressing how much they've missed each other once they have some alone time.
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  • Steve and Tony's conversation about Peggy, JARVIS and Bucky.
  • Betty managing to calm The Hulk down when he was running berserk after Wanda (accidentally) messed with his head.
  • Wanda expressing her concern to the innocent people she mistakenly sent The Hulk to and keeping Hawkeye from being killed by Ultron.
  • Clint's flashback to the time he decided to spare Natasha and his current decision to get the Maximoff twins to the Avengers' side.
  • Tony is planning on proposing to Pepper!
  • At the end of the story, Thor returns to Jane's facility and she greets him with a kiss.

New Avengers

  • Continuing from the Age of Ultron: Redux, Pietro and Wanda's sibling dynamic. At least until, Pietro is murdered by Gorgon.
  • Sam and Rhodey, after spending a chunk of the story practically at each other's throat, coming to an understanding with each other.
  • Vision complimenting Wanda and her powers.
    • Him standing up to the guy who called Wanda a "freak" is this and Moment of Awesome.

Black Widow

  • Tony and Pepper sending their support for Natasha during her trial by hiring her legal team.
  • Any and all of Clint and Natasha's moments together from him making the decision to spare her to them developing as a team.
  • Natasha's defense attorney calling her a hero is this and Moment of Awesome.

Captain America: Ghosts Of HYDRA

  • Meta example: The author completely avoiding giving Sharon Carter/Agent 13 the Die for Our Ship treatment.
  • Steve and Sharon making up after what happened in The Winter Soldier.
    • Also, whenever they talk about Peggy.
  • Both Steve and Sharon comforting Bucky after what happened to him.
  • Tony introducing Pepper at his MIT presentation.

Avengers: Civil War


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