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YMMV tropes for MCU Rewrites:

  • Better Than Canon: Most readers of Age of Ultron: Redux state that the fic is a huge improvement over Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • Complete Monster (Black Widow): Madame B. is the head instructor of the Red Room, a KGB training facility focused on training young girls into becoming remorseless assassins. Madame B.'s training regiment includes pitting the girls against each other in combat, implanting false memories and trigger words that'll make them more subservient to their handlers, and lengthy, arduous ballet sessions where the girls are executed if they show any signs of fatigue. She forces her top student Natasha Romanoff to scavenge for her own survival supplies out in the bitter cold, and later has her kill her best friend Yelena to prove her obedience. Madame B. demonstrates her students' efficiency by ordering Natasha to murder, in cold blood, a man tied to a chair, and uses another girl's trigger words to force her to kill a young boy. After their missions, the girls are subjected to periodic mind wipes to make their cover stories convincing. When Natasha shows signs of guilt after causing a hospital fire that killed dozens of children, Madame B. puts her through extensive electroshock therapy to erase her memories of her mission and continues to send her on missions to kill diplomats of foreign countries. Continuing her work in the Red Room long after the end of the Cold War, Madame B. viewed the girls under her care solely as weapons made to only serve their handlers.

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