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Funny moments in the MCU Rewrites:

Age of Ultron: Redux


New Avengers

Black Widow

  • Natasha's first meeting with Coulson.
    Coulson: Don’t tell me that’s [Natasha] who I think it is.
    Clint: Don’t talk about my French mail order bride like that.
    Natasha: Je m’appelle Natalie.
    Coulson: [gives look that says 'you're not fooling anybody'] Great. She’s got your sense of humor. And here I was thinking, if only I had TWO versions of Clint in my life, it’s not like I get enough bad jokes and heart attacks as it is.
    Clint: Geez, what crawled up your ass? You had to go babysit Stark again?
    Natasha: Stark? Tony Stark?
    Coulson: Thank you for dropping sensitive information in front of the RUSSIAN SPY!
    Clint: She is DEFECTING.
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  • Natasha's disgust at drinking American beer.
  • Natasha making pancakes for Clint, what makes it funny is Clint's disappointment at her making blueberry pancakes when he wanted chocolate chip.
  • Budapest finally getting some details.
  • Clint and Natasha lying through their teeth about the nature of their relationship.

Captain America: Ghosts Of HYDRA

Avengers: Civil War

  • Scott's first appearance is him shrinking down and climbing Maria's arm so he can listen to the conversation without anyone noticing.
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  • Fury asks who is against registering. Clint votes that he is against it and votes for Steve and Sam who are not currently present by raising his other arm and his leg. Natasha promptly shoves Clint's leg back down.
  • The questions about T'Challa's Black Panther costume.
  • Steve's team (barring Wanda who climbed into their van and locked the doors to change) having to change into their superhero suits in front of each other in a parking lot.
    Clint: Don't make this weird.
  • The delivery man (Stan Lee) mispronouncing Tony's last name "Mr. Stank". This greatly amuses Rhodey.

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