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Tear Jerker / Little Princess

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  • When the Princess gets sick from eating too much chocolate in "I Want to Find the Treasure" because she found all the eggs via cheating, and then the King says "She's ruined it for everyone". The next day the Princess feels guilty.
  • The Princess missing out on going to the fair when she hurts her foot in "I Want to Go to the Fair".
  • In "I Don't Want to Kiss Great Auntie", the Princess hides under the bed and nobody can find her, so they all get all gloomy. The Princess is saddened by this, too.
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  • "I Don't Want to Leave Home" was a pretty gloomy episode, with the Princess going on a sleepover and fearing she will be leaving forever. While she's gone, the grown-ups are acting as though she'd gone for good.
  • The Princess being unhappy at not having a surprise in "I Want a Surprise". She does eventually get a surprise
  • "I Want My Snail", the one where the snail dies, is a very tearjerking episode.
  • The Princess being sad due to being too scared to be a superhero in "I Don't Like Thunderstorms".
  • The Princess's sad moment when her cake didn't work out in "I Want to Cook".
    Princess: *crying* "It's horrible!"
  • The Princess catching a cold on Picnic Day in "I Don't Want a Cold".
  • The Princess, Scruff, and the gardener all sad in "I Don't Want to Tidy Up" because they can't find Gilbert, are hungry and have found a hole in the lawn respectively.
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  • The Princess crying when she thinks she's made the Queen disappear in "I Want to Do Magic". Luckily, it goes away soon and the episode is pretty funny.