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Headscratchers / Little Princess

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  • In It's Sports Day, how could the Princess get tired by running three meters, three times (and show no signs of fatigue five seconds afterwards), when ordinarily she dashes to the orchard and back all day?
    • Well she dashes around the orchard and castle all day because she wants to do it. Being able to see and explore everything is fun. Meanwhile having a set task, something she HAS to do complete, before she can play or do anything else. The task for her no matter what it was would seem to take all day. No fun, she doesn’t know how long it takes for her to run three meters because she doesn’t know the distance. She also wants to go back to doing her own thing so she’s playing tired to get out of it.
  • One time, the Queen is saying, "knit one, purl one, pass the slipped stitch over", while knitting. When do you knit and purl in the same row?
    • There are plenty of patterns that involve alternatively knitting and purling in order to produce more complex designs.

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