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Tear Jerker / Hocus Pocus

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  • Binx's death...*sniff*
    • And that sad little "meow" he lets out just before he dies. Heart-wrenching even for people who hate cats. It could almost be like he's saying, "Finally... It's over...".
    • Pause the movie during that scene. The grave he's on as he dies? It's Emily's. He dies on his younger sister's grave.
    • Basically, anything with Binx, such as his first appearance, when he bravely tries to save his sister in vain. He wakes up, realizes she's missing, and fears the worst when his neighbor Elijah points out the fire from the witch's cottage. Thackery tells Elijah to get help while he strides to the cottage to rescue his sister. He fails, badly, and is Forced to Watch the witches suck out of Emily's life while the latter is hypnotized. On facing the same fate, he tries to go Defiant to the End and calls Winifred a hag. So in revenge, the witches painfully turn him into an immortal cat. Only then do the witch hunters arrive, when it's too late to save either Emily or Thackery.
      • Emily and Thackery's parents losing both of their children in one day. What's worse is that they presumably never found out what happened to their son and probably thought the worst happened given the witches' tendencies. It's highlighted when Mr. Binx screams at the witches with tears in his eyes, "I ask you one last time. What has thou done with my son Thackery! ANSWER ME!"
      • Not to mention the way Thackery tried to alert his parents he was all right without speaking (lest they think he was a witch's cat or a demon). Either way, he was not welcome, and his father drove Thackery away without recognizing the cat was his own son.
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  • The way Thackery softly says "Home" when Max and Dani take him to their home. It paints a rather sobering picture of centuries Thackery existed without a home or a family. His mission to guard the black-flame candle kept him from making the most of his immortal life.
  • Max's apology in the graveyard when Binx and Dani call him out for lighting the witches' candle and bringing them back to life. He's regretting that his attempt to impress Allison became Gone Horribly Wrong, and endangered his little sister.
  • Also Max's Heroic BSoD when Allison's attempt to make Binx human again ends up leading the resurrected witches to them, who then recover the book, trash his house, and kidnap Dani as well as Binx. Even worse is Max reminded Allison of Binx's warning against opening the book. He asks despairingly, "But how can we make the sun come up early?"
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  • Dani's Big "NO!" when Max drinks the life potion meant for her, and forces the witches to take his life instead. Fortunately, Max is too stubborn to go down meekly.
  • Dani's reaction when they find Binx's body. This is after she wished Billy a good rest in his grave. Dani sees Binx lying prone, and Allison gently tells her that Binx is dead. Dani says tearfully, "He can't die, remember? Binx? BINX!"
  • Thackery is finally freed from his curse and can reunite with his younger sister in Heaven. However, Dani is saddened that she'll never see Thackery again, to which the latter whispers in Dani's ear that he will always be with her.
  • A small one, but this exchange between Binx and Max after they seemingly killed the Sanderson sisters by luring them into a giant oven.
    Max: We did it, Binx. We stopped them!
    Binx: I've wanted to do that for 300 years... since they took Emily...
    Max: ...You really miss her, don't you? Man, you can't keep blaming yourself for that. That happened so long ago.
    Binx: Take good care of Dani, Max. You'll never know how precious she is... until you lose her.
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  • A very small one, but when 'Satan's' wife comes down the stairs, proudly telling him that she lost five pounds, she sees him dancing very intimately with the beautiful Sarah. Fortunately, she quickly gets her revenge by setting her dog on the sisters.

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