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Tear Jerker / The Hobbit Film Trilogy

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  • Reading the Executive Meddling section on the trivia page, it's heartbreaking to know Jackson and his team honestly tried their best only to have it ruined not just for them but for fans.
  • The fact that both Christopher Lee and cinematographer Andrew Lesnie passed away eerily in close proximity and that this trilogy was some of their last work.
  • Until the Tolkien society says otherwise, this trilogy is the final Middle-Earth adaptation to hit theatres.
  • Sir Ian McKellen found the filming of The Hobbit trilogy such a gruelling and miserable experience that he considered quitting acting altogether. How so? Well, to create the illusion of Gandalf towering over thirteen dwarves and a hobbit, most of his scenes had to be filmed under greenscreen. That means that he had to act to twelve basically-interchangeable tennis balls on sticks for the entire film (admit it; you probably can't recall the names and plot relevance of all of them without serious effort), remembering names of faces he could not see, and that's not including the fact that he was basically isolated and alone on set most of the time. By contrast, the LoTR films relied more on perspective trickery to attain the same effect, and required it much less extensively as a greater proportion of the main cast were human-sized.
  • Peter Jackson's tribute to Andrew Lesnie. Pass the tissues.


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