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Tear Jerker / The Hobbit Film Trilogy

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  • Reading the Executive Meddling section on the trivia page, it's heartbreaking to know Jackson and his team honestly tried their best only to have it ruined not just for them but for fans.
  • The fact that both Christopher Lee and cinematographer Andrew Lesnie passed away eerily in close proximity and that this trilogy was some of their last work.
    • Related to Christopher Lee and crossing with Heartwarming Moments, hearing Lee say on the behind the scenes Blu-Rays that he only accepted a role if he feels it will be powerful and memorable, that it was a joy to portray Saruman before he turned to evil, and that Saruman was his favourite role in his entire career.
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  • Until the Tolkien society says otherwise, this trilogy is the final Middle-Earth adaptation to hit theatres.
  • Sir Ian McKellen initially found the filming of The Hobbit trilogy so miserable that he considered quitting acting altogether if this was the way of the future. How so? Well, to create the illusion of Gandalf towering over thirteen dwarves and a hobbit in Bag-End, most of his scenes had to be filmed on a smaller greenscreen set. This was used because the film was authentically shot in 3D rather than being converted in post later. It meant that Ian he had to act to twelve tennis balls on sticks for the scene with faces taped on them, using an earpiece to hear their dialogue. Ian was isolated and alone on set. When the cast and crew found out about McKellen's discomfort, they all pitched in and created a lounge area for him to relax in, complete with Middle-earth memorabilia and his favorite albums. They never used this technique with Ian after that: whenever there is a scene outside, it's McKellen with the other actors.
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  • Peter Jackson's tribute to Andrew Lesnie. Pass the tissues.


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