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Tear Jerker / Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Louise's death, especially when she tells Vic to make sure that her baby daughter is taken care of. The fact that the GTA wiki mentions she might also be raped only makes this worse.
  • The relationship between Vic and his brother, Lance. Most of the time, Lance is trying to help his brother, but only makes some situations worse. The fact that Vic treats his brother like crap only makes his death in the sequel even sadder. The conversation between the two brothers at the airport implies that Lance always got Vic in trouble.
    Lance: Oh, come on, man! I come all this way to see you and you treat me like I've got herpes.
    Vic: Maybe that's because your whole life, you've gotten us into trouble.
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  • The credits. Much like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, they aren't sad by themselves until you realize that this is the very last GTA game on the PlayStation 2... and this time, for damn certain.

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