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Tear Jerker / Dragonheart

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     Dragonheart (1996) 
  • Near the beginning, Bowen vowing to hunt down and kill all dragons.
  • The murder of Kara's father by Einon.
  • The scene where Bowen fights the older Einon and the king makes it clear he never believed in the Old Code and was just "vomiting out the words" to gain Bowen's trust in order to learn how to fight. You can see the heartbreak in Bowen to realize this and how the dragon's heart did nothing to corrupt Einon, the boy was always going to be a tyrant. That's followed by Bowen realising he hunted a species to extinction for no reason and the guilt overwhelming.
  • Not only does Draco - the world's very last surviving dragon - die, but he is killed by his best friend. At his own request. Only a few scenes earlier, he specifically mentions how he finally has everything he's ever needed.
    • The way Bowen desperately tries to find a way to convince Draco that he doesn’t need to die for Einon to be stopped only for Draco, who has already accepted his fate, to remain steadfast in his decision.
    • Draco’s heart can be heard beating slowly as he faintly smiles gratefully at Bowen, and then Draco lays his head down and his eyes close and his heart stops. His body turns into a glowing mist and floats into the sky, joining his brethren in the heaven constellation Bowen named him after. Topped off with Brother Gilbert's narration revealing that the people of the land were led by Bowen and Kara into golden years with Draco's star shining brightly for all who knew where to look whenever things became difficult.
    • The music which plays during the scene, the most emotional version of the main theme, doesn't hurt either. And the fact you can see it coming once the true nature of the bond between Draco and Einon is revealed doesn't lessen the impact; in fact, it only heightens it.
  • Aislinn's last conversation with Draco, and her life in general. Her people were friends of, and venerated the dragons. She gets forced into marriage with a cruel husband that destroys her people's culture, and her son turns out to be even worse. She ends up being murdered by her own son.

     Dragonheart: A New Beginning (2000) 
  • Friar Peter's death.
  • The scene where Osric throws a knife at Lian, but Kwan takes the hit and dies instead.

     Dragonheart: The Sorcerer's Curse (2015) 
  • The scene where Drago and Gareth say goodbye. Gareth confesses to not being a knight and that the Old Code is nonexistent on the other side of Hadrian's Wall. Drago tells Gareth to follow the Code to be a true knight and that he's glad to have Gareth by his side on his last day of freedom and call him a friend. Then Drago, takes on his ghostly form and flies off to Brude's location.

     Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire (2017) 
  • The death of King Gareth. Topped off with Drago feeling his time has come as well but won't be given a place with his kind in heaven, believing himself to be at fault for the splintering of Gareth's family. Fortunately, Drago's time isn't over just yet.
  • The flashbacks to Edric and Mehgan's childhood as it's revealed how the twins were separated.
  • Drago's death and ascension. Sacrificing the Heartfire so Edric can use it to save a wounded Mehgan, and bringing their family back together, amending what he considered his greatest failure, Drago says it's all he had ever wanted and dies peacefully. His body dissolves into sparkling balls of light and ascends into the sky, becoming a star in the dragon's heaven. Then Drago's star shines and his voice is heard, telling the twins to rule wisely together and listen to their hearts.


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