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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • It's a good movie with a dragon in it (you'd be surprised at how many are not), where that dragon is a significant character, and on top of that he's voiced by Sean Connery!
  • The fact that most of the Draco effects still actually hold up after all these years, especially the incredible detail they used with his facial expressions, body movements, and mannerisms, and even how his eyes follow the real people around him perfectly. Combine that with Connery's excellent voice acting, and you've got one of cinema's most unforgettable dragons.
  • While it ultimately fails and leads to a series of terrible consequences, the first peasant rebellion had one particularly remarkable moment. While his troops are butchering the peasants, the cruel King Freyne separates himself from them and starts torching a few peasant houses. Cue Redbeard, the rebel leader, Kara's father, and a large group of armed peasants ambushing Freyne, surrounding him, dragging him from his horse, and hacking him to pieces. Bonus awesomeness for him returning the mob to the battlefield once the king was mortally wounded.
    • Freyne himself gets a small one in the aftermath when Einon tries to take his crown. Freyne turns out to be Not Quite Dead and tries to stop him. Granted, he failed and succumbed to his wounds during the struggle; he deserves points for actually surviving that brutal beatdown, at least for a little while.
  • One scene that always stands out is when Kara and Brother Gilbert return to her village to try and rally support for a rebellion. The locals are unimpressed... until Bowen, recovered from his Heroic BSoD, returns on horseback and rides up to the crest of a nearby hill just in time for Draco to soar up, silhouetted against the sky. The image is striking enough to appear on the VHS and DVD covers.
    • Especially his deliciously snarky retort to the village leader Hewe when he's told, "there is no fight against Einon."
    • The battle itself counts too, especially when Einon surveys the battlefield, watching the heroes and peasants cutting down his trained army like they were nothing (and Bowen being extra badass by Dual Wielding at the time), forcing him to give the order to retreat.
    • Brother Gilbert takes a level in badass during the battle as well. For the first half, he's hesitant to shoot anyone directly and instead opts to trigger switches to spring traps on the soldiers. It isn't until his To Be Lawful or Good moment, and he directly shoots Einon, that he finally drops all hesitation from then onward.
      Brother Gilbert: Thou. Shalt. Not. Kill.
      • Granted, this moment is the direct cause of both Draco getting captured, and Einon realizing that if Draco dies, he dies... but it was an awesome moment while it lasted.
  • Bowen's EPIC this-is-what-I'm-fighting-for moment at Avalon. The sheer power of the scene is overwhelming.
  • The recitation/affirmation of the Old Code in the rain.
    "A Knight is sworn to Valor"
    "His Heart knows only Virtue"
    "His Might upholds the Weak"
    "His Blade defends the Helpless"
    "His Words speaks only Truth"
    • To clarify, it's the spirit of King Arthur himself giving Bowen a Dare to Be Badass speech by reciting the Old Code.
  • Draco reached a stalemate and pinned Bowen (a seasoned dragonslayer who killed many of his fellow dragons).
  • Although Aislinn's efforts to kill Draco were intervened, she gets in a good burn at her wretched son when she tells him to his face that, yes, she purposefully hired the dragon slayers (and just now tried to kill the source of her son's immortality) because she realizes her mistake now:
    Aislinn: I wanted to correct a mistake I made years ago, when I saved a creature not worth saving.
  • Though it comes as a tragic price, Draco's sacrifice heralds the painful death of the tyrannous King Einon, who has caused so many people pain and was not worth his second chance at life.
    • Earlier, Draco utilizing how the dragon heart binds both him and Einon by injuring his own claw to injure the King's hand. Throughout the movie, every time someone tries to hurt or kill Einon, it only hurts Draco in the process. For once, it's Einon who gets to hurt instead.
    • Fridge-Awesome: In the grand scheme of things, getting one's hand vicariously hurt was literally just a slap on the wrist, compared to vicariously dying a painful death by axe-wound to the heart!