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Tear Jerker / DokiDoki! PreCure

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  • Episode 4: The two twin bullies made Mana cry as they told her that Mana was annoying and always interfered into conflicts that didn't involve her.
  • Episode 7: Princess Marie-Ange sacrificed herself to save Cure Sword.
  • Episode 20: Regina snaps out of her "more evil"-mode and cries after she realizes what she has done to Mana who easily forgives her.
    Regina: "What an idiot! I have never seen an idiot like you! But I'm an even bigger idiot by betraying you! I'm an idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!"
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  • Episode 21: Cure Heart and Regina are in a hopeless situation. Either one of them fall into a pit of lava or both. Regina is happy that Mana was always nice to hear, telling her that she loves Mana and attempt a Heroic Sacrifice. Then it turns into a Moment of Awesome with two Big Damn Heroes moments.
  • Episode 22-23: Mana being heartbroken after she experiences Regina's Face–Heel Turn.
  • Episode 31: Cure Heart gives a massive one. She realizes the pain that Cure Sword and the four fairies have suffered and feels the same pain herself as she experiences the same scenario. She falls on her knees and cries very loud. A minute later, it turns into a Moment of Awesome, as Heart cheers herself quickly up.
  • The ending. Oogai Town is saved and the Trump Kingdom is restored to its former glory, but Princess Marie-Ange won't be there to see it. Also, when her spirit delivers her final words to Jonathan, the Trump King, and Makoto, Makoto breaks down in tears.

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