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  • It almost seems like the relationship between Mana and Makoto when they first meet is similar to that of Hibiki and Tsubasa from Symphogear. It doesn't help Makoto had a somewhat similar back story to Tsubasa.
  • Episode 1: When told by Charle to transform, the first thing Mana does is yell "Henshin!" and pose like Kamen Rider #1.
    • The second time she tries to transform during the same scenne, Mana utters, "Hen-shin!".
  • Speaking of Kamen Rider, Doki Doki!'s motif of four heroes named after the suits of cards is exactly the same as Kamen Rider Blade . Cure Sword even shares the same last name (Makoto Kenzaki) and card suit as Blade's main character (Kazuma Kenzaki) to the point of being written with the same kanji!
    • The series has a bit more in common with J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai, especially with the fact that Cure Ace shows up and shows everyone up, just like Big One.
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  • And to top it all, the fanartists are having alot ot fun comparing Cure Heart's transformation with that of Kamen Rider Beast with both having the four letter spell out (L-O-V-E vs. L-I-O-N)
  • Not only that, Cure Heart new finisher move that involve using a bow is the same as how Kamen Rider Chalice using his bow as his finisher.
  • Episode 2 has Mana trying to explain to Rikka that she's become a Precure, but Rikka, not believing her, retorts that she chased a white rabbit down a hole. There's also the comparisons to "The Happy Prince".
  • Episode 4: Alice revealing the footage of Mana transforming, and Mana and Rikka's reaction, brings to mind a similar incident with Sakura and Tomoyo.
  • Episode 7: All girls unite your hands in the final of the episode, to a card themed seris isn't first time.
  • Episode 8: Mamo draws angrily on Ira's face who is sleeping. It looks exactly like Jigglypuff's drawing.
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  • Episode 10: Rikka's frog alarm clock that constantly shouting kero.
  • Alice isn't the only anime character who is from a rich family, owns a tower and has a butler named Sebastian...
  • Episode 15: Snow White.
  • Episode 21: When the Precures and Jonathan arrive at the Trump Kingdom, the Selfish Trio delivers a familiar comment:
    Ira: "What's that? A bird?"
    Mamo: "A meteor?"
    Bel: "No. It's Precure."
  • Episode 23 includes Ai wo Torimodosenote  word for word as a part of the title.
    • A new team member taking away the leader's transformation item and forcing them to fight as a normal human has already happened before.
    • Cure Ace's transformation sequence has a lot of similar body shots to the ones used in Sailor Moon, another product of Toei. The fire based theme of the transformation may be one to Shana, who is also voiced by Rie Kugimiya and has fire erupt around her when she gets into battle mode.
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    • Ai-chan has cast a spell on Mana's family, causing them to believe that she is Mana's sister - Just like Chibi-Usa and Chibi Chibi before her.
  • Episode 24: The way how Makopi communicates with the frozen Princess Marie-Ange via a mirror is similar to the Magic Knights who communicates with the petrified Clef via Mokona.
  • Episode 25: Mamo as Cutie Madame pretends to be a hero and causes a civilian to fall from a building, so she can rescue him. Zoisite, disguised as Sailor Moon, did the same thing. Her transformation pose even loos like a mirrored version of Sailor Moon's.
  • Episode 29: When Charle tries to transform into a human, she transforms into Mrs. Potts.
  • Episode 30: After suffering from a Non Fatal Explosion, the five girls get Funny Afros, something that happens often in Sgt. Frog.
  • Episode 31: The fusion of Leva and Gula looks similar to Chessmarimo, the fusion of Chess and Kuromarimo.
  • Episode 32: Another Happy Prince reference, where they actually read the story.
  • Episode 34: Not only Cure Diamond's transformation pose looks like a mirrored version of Sailor Venus, her new attacks looks similar to Venus Love and Beauty Shock.
  • Episode 37: Cure Ace'll take the carrot, AND EAT IT!
  • Episode 38: The Selfish Trio are dressed similar to Cat's Eye.
  • Episode 39: The "Ai wo torimodose" from episode 23 is back, and it's used more literally this time. It's what Mana says to Regina to entice her to return to her side.
  • Episode 40:
  • Now all the three regalia are revealed, they share a great deal of similarities with the pure heart talismans of Sailor Moon fame. The Miracle Dragons Glaive equates to Uranus' Space Sword, representing strength. The Magical Lovely Pad ties to Pluto's Garnet Orb, surprisingly, rather than Neptune's mirror, representing benevolence. The Eternal Golden Crown is equivalent to Neptune's Deep Aqua Mirror, representing wisdom. These talismans were in turn based on the three imperial treasures of Japan, so the resemblance could be accidental.
  • Regina and Aguri are basically Vanitas and Ventus (respectively), with Ai-chan as their Nobody.
    • related: King Jikochuu is voiced by Hochu Otsuka, who also voiced Xigbar. Him re-brainwashing Regina may be an allusion to Braig making an amnesiac Terra-Xehanort remember about their Evil Plan.
    • Episode 49 gives us Cure Sword's slicing skyscrapers in half! The Proto-Jikochuu also has a fond habit of throwing buildings, teleporting, and spamming lasers. Not to mention he spared Cure Heart's heart.
  • Episode 46 and 47 shows how King Jikochuu invades the human world. He walks across the sea and the people are terrified by him. Godzilla, huh?
  • Cure Diamond's Badass Boast as she faced Ira in Episode 47 can be roughly translated as "Diamond is Unbreakable".

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