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Makoto will be a magical girl variant of the Undercover Model trope.
In that she only got into the idol business to find Cure Loveads. Unless, of course, she was an idol before meeting Davi.
  • Apparently jossed, as she was a songstress in the Trump Kingdom too.

Whoever Mayumi Tanaka will voice here in this one will be a Rubber Man and will be the Big Bad
I mean, we all know that Oda considers this series as his rival, so wouldn't it be hilarious that someone who looks like Luffy turns out to be the Final Boss?
  • Jossed. She does voice one of the villains, Ira, but he's certainly not the Big Bad. He doesn't seem like a Rubber Man type either.

Ai-chan is Princess Marie-Ange in disguise.
Given that the Princess has now been revealed to have pink hair and blue eyes, the probability of this has just doubled.
  • Or Ai-chan is just a weakened or reborn form of the Princess. If Ai-chan will grow up with a high speed, she can probably gain Cure powers and will become Cure Ace.
  • The fact that Marie-Ange's seiyuu isn't known because it would spoiler speaks for it.
  • Previews for Episode 20 throw doubt on this theory.
  • Now jossed. Episode 45 only seals the deal.
  • Episode 46 reverses the joss with Ai-chan revealed to be the shell of Marie-Ange's body.

There will be four more villains named after the four remaining sins.
  • Semi-confirmed, two new villains named Gura (after Gluttony) and Leeva (after the devil of Envy, Leviathan) were introduced in Episode 23. The remaining two have to show up, yet.
    • confirmed with lust and goma. however,not much is known about them.

One of the Cures will be corrupted.
And will be called Cure Joker.
  • But we already had a villain named Joker... Doki Doki itself has a character with a name corresponding to Joker, too.
  • Or there are already corrupted Cure of the bad side. Either being brainwashed or being evil for real. They are candidates for the Fifth Ranger.
    • Confirmed in episode 45. Cure Ace is with Pretty Cure, and yet Cure Ace is at the same time under King Jikochuu's control. It Makes Sense in Context.

Mana is a Tokusatsu fangirl.
Though much more secretive about it than Yayoi/Cure Peace.

Joe is from the Trump Kingdom; either a knight or a member of the royal family.
His name spells out 'Joker' when written in full katakana, he's definitely done something to help Mana transform into Cure Heart and was referring to her by her attack name even before she earned her powers. He must be from the Trump Kingdom, working to help Sword by getting her more allies and/or watching over her.
  • Confirmed, he is a knight and the fiancé of the princess.

Cure Sword was actually part of a different Precure team before the start of the series.
But something bad happen to them and that's why she was cold towards Cure Heart.

Joe will refer to all four Cures by their attack names.
He called Mana "My Sweet Heart" twice in episode 1, so it's quite likely he will do the same for the other three, calling Rikka "Twinkle Diamond", Alice "Rosetta Wall", and Makoto "Holy Sword".
  • Apparently jossed.

Mana will have a Broken Pedestal moment after finding out Makoto and Cure Sword are one and the same.
  • Jossed.

Rikka's gonna be the Butt-Monkey
Getting screwed stopping people from taking advantage of Mana's kindness in the process.

Joe is actually a Precure
He ends up being like the Sailor Starlights and is actually a female in a male's body who transforms into Cure Joker.
  • Jossed, he is a knight of the Trump Kingdom.

Davi is the manager
It's not like mascots turning into humans is anything new.
  • Her earrings are spade-shaped, and her initials are 'D.B'. It doesn't seem at all implausible for her to be Davi.
    • You mean it wasn't pathetically obvious already?
  • Confirmed. Then again...

There will be a Monster of the Week created from the heart of one of the Cures
Almost certainly created while she's in her civilian form, and likely the result of a misunderstanding or argument between two or more of the Cures. So far the most likely candidate seems to be Rikka (due to having the least focus).
  • Thanks to Regina's powers, it's more possible now.
    • Jossed

Joe is the Princess in disguise.
Wouldn't it be effective for the Princess to disguise as a male, then surreptitiously hand out the Cure Lovies?
  • Jossed, he is her fiancé.

Joe is a fairy from the Trump Kingdom.
Seeing as Davi can turn human, perhaps Joe is also a fairy who escaped from the Trump Kingdom's destruction. Except instead of helping the Precure transform, Joe's job was to give the Lovies to the people who he saw fit to protect the princess (in other words, he "knighted" them).
  • Jossed. He is a knight of the Trump Kingdom.

The princess has been brainwashed.
The ...and Crazy is optional.

One of the Precures from Makoto's team is Not Quite Dead...
...and is in fact working for the enemy. In the OP, when the lightning flashes in front of (what is believed to be) the enemy King you can see a small dark silhouette that seems like a long-haired girl.
  • It is now likely that the silhouette in question is Regina, who is currently said to be the evil king's daughter. It is possible that she is Brainwashed and Crazy and used to be part of Makoto's team, or someone else entirely.

The Princess escaped to the human world.
The strange light that appears after every battle and fixes all the damage is her doing. It's likely some skill exclusive to the Royal Family (called "Light of Restoration" or something like that.)
  • Episode 20 shows that she did escape to the human world, though she is trapped inside a crystal.
  • As of Episodes 45 and 46, this theory is confirmed with Aguri, Regina, and Ai-chan being parts of the princess and all of them have been to Earth.

Speculation of suits for possible additional Cures...
  • Joker
    • Jossed
  • Star
    • Whoever put this here,you predicted star twinkle before anyone else.
  • Castle
    • Jossed
  • Cross — Possibly in partnership with Bullet
    • Jossed
  • Bullet — Possibly in partnership with Cross
    • Jossed
  • Eagle — Possibly a green Cure
    • Jossed
  • Crown
    • Jossed
  • Queen — Possibly Ai-chan, especially if she's Princess Marie-Ange
    • Ai-chan is now revealed as Cure Ace's partner.
    • There IS a Cure Empress...
  • Ace
    • Ace shows up at the end of episode 22 to save the other Cures.
  • Flush
    • Jossed
  • Trump
    • Jossed

Cure Rosetta will go berserk
  • Her backstory hints that she will go berserk again.
    • Episode 13 shows that she may have overcome her Berserk Button since becoming a Precure. Doesn't completely rule it out, though.
      • The reason she doesn't get angry is protecting her friends. But if she would fail to protect them and seeing them hurt, we don't know how she might react...

Joe Okada is the Big Bad
  • He's basically King Jikochuu in a depowered state disguised as a good, if somewhat mysterious, shopkeeper giving out Cure Lavies in a way that fits his own plans.
    • Probably jossed. He is a knight of the Trump Kingdom and has fought King Jikochuu's daughter Regina in Episode 17. And Bel sent him to hospital in Episode 11.
    • Ultimately jossed in Episode 21.

Regina will be Doki Doki's equivalent to Joker.
She may look goofy so far, but wait until she starts appearing more often.
  • She's in fact more dangerous than the other villains, but it's jossed. She's more an Expy of Eas and Siren.
    • Unlike those two,she didn't actually become a cure.

Guesses for Cure Ace's identity
Most people seem to think she'll be either Princess Marie-Ange, possibly having been reborn as Ai-chan, or Regina after going through a Heel–Face Turn. I'll Take a Third Option here and say it's a brand new girl, which would be a first for Pretty Cure.
  • Maybe she is the Rich Bitch Reina from Episode 13, who wears a red dress. I hope she's not.
  • Ace is the brown-haired girl seen in the preview for episode 23. She transforms in front of the other girls during battle.
  • As of episode 45, Cure Ace is confirmed to be Marie-Ange, Regina, and the brown-haired girl. It Makes Sense in Context.

The mysterious blue bird
So far, whenever the girls recover one of the Royal Crystals, a blue bird is shown to be observing them. There are a few possibilities for who or what this mysterious bird really is:

Regina is a Brainwashed and Crazy Princess Marie-Ange
...Who will undergo a Heel–Face Turn and become Cure Ace.
  • Jossed, as episode 20 shows Mana, Regina, and a trapped Marie-Ange all together. Regina does NOT become Cure Ace. In fact, the two fight in episode 23.
    • Jossing reversed in episode 45. Regina and Marie-Ange are one and the same, as are Aguri and Marie-Ange. So yes, Regina was Cure Ace all along, and literally nobody was in the know.

Cure Ace's color scheme
Episode 14 introduced the Royal Crystals as five different colored items, each one appearing to correspond to an existing cure's color scheme except the fifth one, which is red. Therefore, it is very likely that Cure Ace's color scheme will be red.
  • This also adds weight to the guess that Regina will become Cure Ace, as red features prominently in her outfit, even though it is not the most prevalent color now.
    • Regina has a strange reaction to the red Royal Crystal and her eyes turn red. However, she becomes really evil, and she has a mysterious connection with the Royal Crystals.
  • It's confirmed as red.

There will be at least two Sixth Ranger Precures.
If Cure Ace wasn't a part of the Trump Kingdom's Precures, a brainwashed Precure will appear and make a Heel–Face Turn.
  • There is a possibility that Regina will become one. And Cure Ace seems to be not one of the TK Precures. So it's possible that two more Sixth Rangers will appear.
    • As of episode 45, she was Cure Ace all along and literally nobody, not even Aguri (the Cure Ace who had been a main character for 20+ episodes), saw it coming. It Makes Sense in Context.

Regina and Ai-chan are both parts of Princess Marie-Ange
More specifically, Regina is actually Marie-Ange's Jikochuu (after all, Marmo did almost make one from her in episode 7), who was made to believe that she was always his daughter. (And if Regina is indeed Ace, this would sort of explain why she looks quite a bit like Ange when transformed.) Ai-chan, on the other hand, is the incarnation of all of the princess' positive energy, sort of like Chibi-Chibi in the Sailor Moon anime. Only when the two merge will Ange come back.
  • Potentially Jossed, as previews for episode 20 show a trapped Marie-Ange alongside Mana and Regina.
  • Partially Jossed in episode 45; it's revealed to be true for Regina, but not for Ai-chan.
  • Confirmed in episode 46 for both Regina and Ai-chan.

Regina is Marie-Ange's Long-Lost Relative
Her sister, specifically.

Yes, this does mean King Jikochuu is Marie-Ange's father. It's Royally Screwed Up, like in Suite Pretty Cure ♪

  • As of episode 45, Regina and Marie-Ange are confirmed to be one and the same.

Related to the Cure Rosetta going berserk WMG above, she will eventually use one of her usually defensive attacks in an offensive way, a la Cure Mint.
  • She already has. Mamo taunted her about not being able to do anything but defend, so she launched her shield at Mamo while she had the other Cures wrapped up in some tentacles.
  • Almost confirmed in episode 24. She does not go berserk, but she absorbs Mamo's Kamehame Hadouken with Rosetta Reflection and fires it back as her own attack. Though, it's not as destructive as Cure Mint's Mint Shield blast.
  • Confirmed in episode 33 where she uses the two broken halves of her Rosetta Reflection as offensive weapons.

Jonathan will transform into Cure Ace's mascot.
  • Jossed.

King Jikochuu has or had a human form.
How could he impragnent a woman, unless he did it in the less traditional way.
  • Or he created Regina like Akudaikan created the Kiryuu sisters?
  • Or his wife is an Eldritch Abomination, too, and Regina's has also a monster form.
  • Previews for Ep. 46 suggest that we will get our answers on this then, leaning toward a confirmation of him previously being human...
  • Confirmed, if you count the Trump Kingdom's denizens as humans. He was Good All Along, he was simply flawed.

The other fairies will get their human forms, too.
  • Confirmed in Episode 29.

Last call for Cure Ace's identity! Place your bets!
  • Regina: The most obvious choice, to the point where it would be more surprising if she wasn't Cure Ace.
    • Jossed as of episode 22.
      • Jossing reversed as of episode 45; see the bottom of this WMG theory for more on that.
  • Marie-Ange: Ace heavily resembles her. Ange is also with the Cures now, albeit still Sealed Good in a Can.
  • Ai-chan: Plot-Relevant Age-Up ahoy!
    • Players may instead bet on Ai-chan being Marie-Ange's Psyche or fairy, and will combine with her to become Cure Ace.
      • Confrimed. Ai-chan is Cure Ace's partner.
  • A new character: Behold, the Stranger Behind the Mask! This is the "troll" answer.
    • Apparently confirmed. Cure Ace' seiyuu is confirmed as Rie Kugimiya. Marie-Ange's seiyuu is still unknown, but you can clearly hear that she's definitely not voiced by Kugimiya (different voice, different dialect).
    • Ultimately revealed to be the brown-haired girl seen in the preview for episode 23. Both her and Ace are voiced by Kugimiya. She transforms into Ace in front of the other Cures, and her real name is Aguri Madoka.
  • Some form of astro-projection of Marie Ange's subconsciousness: Like Moonlight Knight.
  • Episode 45 reveals that Cure Ace is all of the above except for Ai-chan (It Makes Sense in Context).
    • That's not entirely accurate, as although Aguri, Regina, and Ai-chan are three parts of Marie Ange, only Aguri is actually able to become Cure Ace.

Regina isn't actually King Jikochuu's daughter
As seen in episode 21, he doesn't seem to care for her at all. Obviously, that's because he's King Jikochuu, but still. Not to mention, Regina looks very...normal for being the supposed daughter of an Eldritch Abomination. My guess is that she's some random girl who the villains took as a baby for...unknown reasons. Maybe she comes from the Trump Kingdom?
  • Episode 22 reveals that Regina has no childhood memories with her father.
  • Confirmed in episode 45. She's Marie-Ange. So is Cure Ace. It Makes Sense in Context.
    • Then again, the preview for episode 46 suggests that King Jikochuu may not have always been the abomination he is now. So it stands to reason that he may have been Regina's/Marie-Ange's/Aguri's father before his transformation. So this may prove ultimately Jossed yet.
    • And... King Jikochuu really was Marie-Ange's father all along. So this means he's also Regina's father and Aguri's father.

Regina will become a Precure in the thirties
Either that or she'll die. Her theme color would be probably black, white, orange or red. Yes, Cure Ace has already red, but her costume is mainly in white, so if Regina become a red Cure, her costume would have more red parts than Cure Ace's. Black is one of her main colors. White is the opposite, symbolizing her Heel–Face Turn. Orange is the closest color to red, though brown is also a possibility, but who would choose brown?
  • Jossed. By the 40th episode she is neither a Precure nor dead. Instead, she is more determined than ever to fight the Precures and for her daddy.
    • Plus, she and Aguri are both the same person split in two, so yes, she was Cure Ace all along, and literally nobody knew.

Some of the Selfish Villains will undergo a Heel–Face Turn
Based on spoilers for episodes 25 and 26 it is possible that Mamo and Ira will both pull a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Mamo acts completely evil in episode 25. The preview of 26 shows that Ira gets amnesia and Rikka patches him up. It also shows that Ira becomes a nice boy in this state and Rikka/Diamond defends him from Cure Ace!

Regina has a weak heart
Why else would she have let herself fall for King Jikochuu's latest (and potentially most deleterious) trick in episode 22? This is part of the reason why Setsuna didn't return to Labyrinth until Moebius was defeated and Labyrinth at large is revealed to not be as evil as previously thought–she had enough strength to withstand Northa's hypnosis until Pretty Cure showed up to rescue her.

Alice owns an island
Just like Karen. If she hasn't, maybe something similar like a mountain, land etc.
  • She has a satellite and a small rocket.

Similar to above, Alice owns the Clover Town Street
It's said that the original name of the town was Yotsuba Shopping District, similarly egocentric named as the TV channel in Doki Doki.

Marie Ange, Regina and Aguri are all sisters
It would explain why both Marie Ange and Regina had a resemblance to Cure Ace, Regina's connection to the Royal Crystals, why Regina's heart hurt when she saw Ace, the reason Ace needs to fight, why Aguri speaks so formally and why their names have a certain similarity to them.
  • It would also follow the tradition that every continuity has at least one Cure with a sibiling.
  • Supported in Episode 35, when Aguri sees Marie-Ange for the first time, she has a feeling that she knew her for a long time. Also, when Makoto looks at Ace, she sees the princess in her.
  • In Episode 23, when Mana saw Aguri from behind, she mistook her from Regina.
  • Somewhat confirmed in episode 45. All three of them are the same person.

Marie-Ange is a Xanatos Gambit

The legendary Pretty Cures are Heart, Diamond and Rosetta's predecessors.
With Marie-Ange being the leader and Heart's predecessor.

Cure Empress was Cure Heart's ancestor.
Pink eyes and a pink costume.

Bel will take over Regina's "The Dragon" role.
He already tried to kill her and he killed Leva and Gula. This guy is the most evil character after the Big Bad.

Regina joins the Cures and gets one of the remaining two MacGuffins
Possibly the Eternal Golden Crown. Regina has blue eyes, she has glown in a blue light and the crown belonged to the blue Cure. Regina's name means "queen" and there was an evil organization called Eternal. The Miracle Dragon Glaive would also fit, as one of Regina's theme colors is red. The red Cure has also a ribbon on her head. The glaive is owned by Marie-Ange, but we haven't seen it again.
  • Episode 39's preview showed Regina and the Glaive being next to each other. But Regina is in her purple dress, meaning that she's still evil when the scene takes place.
    • Somewhat confirmed. Regina gets the Miracle Dragon Glaive in Episode 39, but she's still evil when using it.
      • As of episode 45, she was already a Pretty Cure from episode 23 onward, and literally nobody knew about it; she and Aguri are both Marie-Ange (It Makes Sense in Context).
  • As Regina underwent Heel–Face Turn as herself in episode 47, the entirety of this WMG is confirmed.

Cure Ace has lost to the two remaining Selfish Agents (Pride and Lust)
Neither the Selfish Trio nor the Selfish Deputies nor King Jikochuu himself didn't know her. So it is possible that she lost to unknown enemies.
  • Regina's supposed to be Lust, which presumably means King Jikochuu is Pride. It would make sense since someone prideful can be very selfish.
    • Also, Pride is the highest Sin. So it's natural for a Big Bad to represent Pride.
  • Now what would be interesting is how the Selfish Agents and Regina and King Jikochuu represent Seven Deadly Sins, would be that the girls represented the Seven Heavenly Virtues, with Marie-Ange and Regina being the missing 2. I know I said Regina represents Lust for the Seven Deadly Sins, its just that she fits better with the others, due to well being a girl, unlike Joe.

The members of the Selfish Trio can fuse
Leva and Gula did this before. So it's possible that at least two of the three will fuse.

If Mana gets a male Love Interest in series proper...
Without taking whoever gets her in Non-Serial Movie into account, place your bets here! Now sorted from the most to least likely candidate.
  • Nikaidou: he's the Daisuke of this series. And considering that this series is Fresh 2.0...
  • Joe: he's already creepily close to Mana since the start. Also, he's always calling her 'My Sweet Heart'. Him being Marie-Ange's fiance sunk the first. But then we have a certain revelation: that Marie-Ange has been split into three underaged girls, one of which is a baby he's been taking care of.
    • the writers wanted to do this, but it was denied by the producer in an instant. So, jossed.
  • Jun: Third-Option Love Interest ahoy! He also has a pretty obvious crush on Mana the first time he appears. But it is unknown whether he already moves on, just like he has moved on from wanting to be like Mana.
    • there were plans to make his crush more apparent and that Mana would notice him. As it would make Mana Out of Character, they were dropped. Jossed.
  • Ira: if he doesn't get Rikka for some reasons. And assuming he survives.
    • well, as the opening of the movie has been leaked for a while, let's just say that Mana had such a Lightmare Fuel regarding this prospect.
  • Someone who we've never seen before.
    • the writers once considered Mana to fall in love with Alice's brother Hiromichi (who never existed in show proper). Got axed because it won't suit Mana's character. Jossed.

The movie is either canon, or at least has some of its elements be referenced later. Or both.
Self-explanationary. As for the timing, it's probably set in between episode 38 and 39.
  • The second point is confirmed. While its canonity is debatable, some of the things from the movie do get referenced in the series itself, particularly in episode 48.

Prediction for the other two Legendary Cures
Much like how Cure Empress had green hair and wore mostly pink, Miracle Dragon Glaive's Cure will have red/pink hair and wear blue, and Eternal Golden Crown's Cure will have blue hair and wear green.
  • Well, Empress' costume was more white.

At some point during the final episodes, Regina will pull a Heroic Sacrifice for Mana's sake, and disappear into light in Mana's arms.
Considering how family unfriendly this season happens to be compared to previous seasons, this seems to be a plausible theory.
  • Jossed.

Alternatively, Regina will stay alive and become the new princess of the Trump Kingdom, and Ira and Marmo will go through a Heel–Face Turn and live there as well.
  • Also jossed; her father abdicated the throne of the Trump Kingdom and retired to a private life with the Aida family, and Regina's also living with them.

Regina and Aguri are connected in some way to the princess
There have been many hints foreshadowing a secret about Aguri.
  • She comes out of nowhere, with no hint of her existence beforehand
    • Now that you mention it, when Regina first introduced herself to the Selfish Trio, the Trio act surprised to see the daughter of the Selfish King, as if they didn't know he had a daughter in the first place.
  • She is the only Precure who ages when she transforms, and her reason doesn't make that much sense. (She says her strong feelings make her age, which sounds like a cop-out to me).
  • The red Royal Crystal which symbolises Cure Ace turns Regina evil for no apparent reason.
  • When Regina is evil, her eyes turn red like Cure Ace. She also has red on her outfit before her costume switch
  • Regina and Aguri have very similar hairstyles, Aguri just has her fringe pulled back. If she pulled her fringe down she would look just like Regina with brown hair.
  • Cure Ace looks a lot like the princess with red hair, Cure Sword even mistakes her for the princess once.
  • Mana mistook Aguri for being Regina when Aguri was introduced.
  • In Episode 39, Regina pulls out the Miracle Dragon Glaive, Marie-Ange's weapon even when the Precure weren't able to.
    • The only Cure who didn't try to pull it out was Cure Ace.
  • In Episode 42, Aguri begins to have dreams about the princess battling King Jikochuu.
  • And don't forget the fact that Aguri being the adopted child by her current family.
    • It's revealed that she landed on earth as a baby a year before. A Jikochuu attacked her and Mari immediately, but a light came from Aguri's body and purified the monster, and Aguri suddenly grew up into a nine-year old girl.
  • In Episode 43, we see Aguri with her bangs. She looks really like a brown-haired Regina.
  • Confirmed in episode 45. Aguri and Regina are actually one and the same, split in two from Marie-Ange.
  • Explained in 46 Aguri and regina are two halves from Marie-Ange Psyche, and Ai-Chan is the body of Marie-Ange.

Those other two shadows...
  • In Episode 46, we see a flashback of the Selfish Trio and the Selfish Deputies bowing down to King Jikochuu, along with two others in the background (a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment). Any guesses on who those other two are?
    • Here have an better image from this scene, in the upper right we see two shadows, and the shadows are identical to Marie-Ange and Trump King.
    • This would mean that it would be either the shadows of the aforementioned two or the two themselves, but the Trump King is right in front of them and Marie-Ange is getting ready for battle. As for the other theory, the only shadow worth mentioning is Regina, who is the dark half of Marie-Ange's psyche, but she hasn't been born yet.
  • Regardless, considering the recurring theme of the Seven Deadly Sins, the other two might represent Lust and Pride.
    • Confirmed in Official Complete Book. The one representing Lust is named Lust (no, not that Lust) and the one representing Pride is Gooma (from "gouman", Japanese of "pride").

Melan will return for the finale.
  • Considering how she helped the Cures in Episode 30, it is certainly possible that the fairy could show up to fight alongside the Cures.
    • Jossed.

The Legendary Pretty Cures' Theme Naming
Judging by Cure Empress' name, there are two possible themes:
  • The higher ranks of trump card: "Empress" is just a fancy way to spell "Queen". So, the other two might have an equivalent of "Jack" and "King".
  • Tarot Motifs: Tarots are trump cards' predecessor, after all. As The Empress is number III, the other two are number I (The Magician) and II (The High Priestess).
    • Confirmed in Official Complete Book. Specifically, Cure Magician wield Miracle Dragon Glaive, and Cure Priestess had the Eternal Golden Crown.

Regina's appearances
Since it's already revealed that Regina is born from Marie-Ange's inter-personal love, it would make sense if Regina's blonde hair and blue eyes was from Marie-Ange imagining how her child with Joe would look like. Okay, she said that the "selfish" part is from her love for Trump King, but loving one person in general is selfish nonetheless.

The original plan for Cure Ace was the following....
...Cure Heart would one again heal Regina from her brainwashing — and becoming a different person — Princess Marie Ange. The gang goes to see the ice statue — and discover it's a female fairy named Seva (Short for Seven). Seva gives Marie Ange her item of last resort: The Love Eves Palette — allowing Marie Ange to become Cure Ace. This idea was shelved because the studio was worry on the low rantings — so they come up with Aquri on the spot. They pull out the original plan for Cure Ace for another Cure in a later series: Princess Twlight/Princess Towa/Cure Scarlett

Princess Marie-Ange hated carrots and octopus
..This comes from two different events in the series. Ai-Chan and Cure Ace hated carrots as reveal in Episode 37. In the cold opening of Episode 39, Regina complains about the octopus in her octopus balls to Bel.. Ai-Chan, Cure Ace, and Regina are the pieces of Princess Marie-Ange. So, this explains this WMG! Enjoy!

The series is a big, giant Homage to Digimon Data Squad.
Even though both series were written by the same guy, Ryota Yamaguchi, that doesn't excuse the very similar story elements and characters that both use.
  • Mana's name was clearly inspired by Masaru, with both having repeating pronounciation through Alternate Character Reading of their first name. Just compare Masaru's "daimon dai" to Mana's "aida ai".
  • The usage of Seven Deadly Sins as antagonistic forces are prominent in both series. Bel being the most prominent villain after Big Bad King Jikochu and The Dragon Regina is a homage to Belphemon being the Climax Boss of Savers.
  • The initial four Cures have the same color scheme as the main four characters of Savers.
  • The blue-themed main characters both join at episode 3.
  • The purple-themed main characters are associated with birds and bladed weapons, and they were once proud warriors from another world (or in Ikuto's case, he thought so).
  • One of the main characters in both series is a prestigious noble with a Battle Butler on their side. But unlike Tohma's, Alice's family is fully Japanese.
  • The main character got exposed to the series' another world at roughly the same timing (episode 5 for Savers, episode 7 for DokiDoki) and using the same method (both parties were trying to chase off the previous episode's Monster of the Week).
  • Both series have hat wearing Stealth Mentor who gave the main character their Transformation Trinket in the first episode, appeared occasionally since then, and later turned out to be someone who was deeply involved in the main conflict of the story. Both Yushima and Joe also reveal and explain their involvements in episode 18. And when they got serious, they ditched the hats.
  • Regina's start of Heel–Face Turn almost mimics Ikuto's, what with her and Mana being trapped in an icy cave and questioning why did Mana save her from the cave-in being similar to Ikuto and Masaru's circumstance. And then Mana let Regina to stay in her house for a while, just like Masaru letting Ikuto to stay in his.
  • Sink or Swim Mentor who saved the main characters from being curb-stomped by the villain's newly-acquired power and helped them to achieve the next power-up? Aguri/Cure Ace, or BanchouLeomon? Both of them being aspects of their respective series' The Heavy helps, too.
  • The Battle Aura the Cures received during Cure Ace's training arc heavily resembles the Digisoul aura that enables Digisoul Charge Overdrive.
  • Both series have a character who disappeared before the start of the story and finding them is the main goal of both series. Turns out they are on the villain's side now. Or do they? The Wham Episode for the massive plot twists happened in episode 45 for both series, with their respective episode 46 served as the explanations. Unlike BanchouLeomon, Aguri didn't make a Heroic Sacrifice. And unlike Suguru, Marie-Ange stays dead due to Regina, Aguri, and Ai becoming their own persons.
  • Both series' Establishing Character Moment involve one of the main characters running into fighting students. While Masaru already beaten up the gang by the time Yoshino arrived there, Mana managed to stop the students from fighting.
  • Nikaidou is a delinquent and he just happens to have a loyal best friend who calls him "aniki". Their dynamic is basically a downplayed Expy of Masaru and Agumon's.
  • Rikka doing well in a piano recital during the movie's flashback is an obvious homage to Yoshino, who harbored a very deep trauma of the same event.
  • Both series' movies feature a part where the critters are trying to save their partners from the eternal sleep with the aid of another critter who is closely related to the movie's villain.
  • The Sixth Ranger of both series are Token Mini-Moe voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
  • A Terrible Trio consisting of an easily irritated guy who itches for a fight, a vain female strategist, and another muscled guy...Ira, Marmo, and Bel, or Kouki, Nanami, and Ivan?
  • Marmo's Beast Mode transformation being a rose with paralyzing whip vines is a homage to Rosemon and her Ivy Hug move.
  • Super Bel is an obvious homage to the unchained Belphemon Rage Mode, muscles and all. Both are defeated in Episode 38.
  • So on, and so forth...
Rikka actually chased a white rabbit down a hole
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