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Mana meeting Alice, Mana sleeping with Rikka, Mana sleeping with Regina, Mana drawing a heart with MakoP, Mana dancing with Aguri, Mana making a compliment to Charle.

Les Yay


While lesbian subtext is present throughout the Pretty Cure franchise, this season is particularly full of it - in fact, it probably has the most in the franchise's history.

  • First things first: Mana's seiyuu is Hitomi Nabatame, AKA the seiyuu well known for her Les Yay activities. Any Les Yay moments are destined to go all over the place with her.
  • Very close and very devoted childhood friends Mana and Rikka have a lot of these moments. For example, in episode 2, Rikka compares Mana to The Happy Prince and later likens herself to the swallow in the tale in a way that sounds quite a bit like a love confession. note 
    • Episode 3 just adds to this, emphasizing how Mana feels she can do even more with Rikka beside her.
  • Mana and Makoto also count, with the former seeming to have a crush on the latter. And then they both use the ketchup bottle to decorate the rice omelette into a heart in episode 6.
  • In Episode 7, we see plenty of this between Marie Ange and Makoto. Furthermore, the song Makoto sings with the intent to reach out to her sounds an awful lot like a love song.
  • Episode 10. First Rikka gets called Mana's wife, then later Mana and Makoto get likened to Ai's Mama and Papa by Joe while Alice says they are like newlyweds. The majority of the episode also focuses on Rikka feeling conflicted over Mana and Makoto's growing friendship as well, with the whole situation coming across someone feeling as though they were losing their significant other to someone else. Bonus points, Rikka's heart hurts whenever she is jealous.
    • Alice tells Rikka that she has felt the same feeling long before.
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    • A flashback shows when Rikka spent a night at Mana's home, both sleep in the same bed and Rikka covered her with the bedspread. Or it were two futons, but they were very, very close.
    • To top this off, the manga has Rikka envisioning Mana and Makoto getting married.
  • Episode 11 has a briefer moment, with Rikka admonishing Mana for helping out the softball club... to which Mana responds by cuteishly saying "I love you!" in order to get back in her good graces.
  • Episode 13: Alice blushes when Makopi makes a compliment to her. Alice gets also the honor for receiving Makopi's first compliment in the series.
  • Episode 14 depicts Mana being the most concerned about Rikka's trouble with her studies. Later on during the battle with the Monster of the Week, it's Mana holding Rikka's hand and later calling out her name that gives her the drive to win the battle.
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  • Episode 15 has Makoto playing Snow White, and her character's lamenting over her lost prince is thematically tied with her desire to find Marie Ange again.
  • Episode 16 is titled "Mana belongs to Me!", said by none other than Regina, who suddenly wants to befriend Mana. Throughout the episode, Regina constantly repeats variations of the line "Mana is mine". Her Yandere behavior towards Mana in said episode only furthers things. As far as Mana is concerned, she admits to Rikka and Alice that Regina's offer of friendship gave her goosebumps (of the good kind).
    • Makoto dislikes the idea that Mana wants to befriend Regina. And Mana is very depressed that Makoto is angry about the whole situation, she even cries when she hears one of Makoto's song.
    • When Regina says to Rikka that Mana is hers, Rikka disagrees with her and tells her that she knows Mana since childhood, but Regina just cuts her line and tells her that she's fired as Mana's friend. We don't hear how Rikka would continue.
    • After Regina went home, Makoto tells Mana that the rice omelette she made for Makoto was too much. She asks her to eat it together. Of course, Mana is happy about it.
  • Episode 17 continues the Mana/Regina teasing. Regina drags Mana away from the others and flat-out says that she wants to be alone with Mana. There's also Mana telling Regina how her heart skipped a beat when she heard Regina tell Rikka and co. how she wanted to be their friend too.
  • Episode 18. When Makoto learns that Princess Marie-Ange had a fiance she practically becomes jealous.
    • Subverted when the girls sit in the shinkansen. Alice sitting next to Joe, Rikka and Makopi sitting next to each other, Mana sitting alone - though, she sits behind Rikka and Makopi.
  • Episode 19 has Regina's reaction to Cure Heart's In the Name of the Moon speech.
    Yes! Make my heart race!
  • Episode 20. Mana and Regina are trapped in a glacier. Regina has a Heel Realization and Mana hugs her.
  • Episode 21 has Regina committing a Heroic Sacrifice to save Cure Heart, because she loves her. (The word used was daisuki, which almost always implies romantic love). Regina gets better.
  • Episode 22, where to begin... Mana might as well tell her father, "Dad, this is my significant other and she's currently running away from home because her father doesn't approve of our relationship. Can she (Regina) live here for awhile?". And Mr. Aida actually takes it in great stride!
    • Mana tells Regina she loves her. But when Makopi genuinely thanks to Regina for saving Mana, Mana makes her Makopi-fangirl-face.
    • Mana and Regina sleep together in one bed, holding hands.
    • Cure Heart's heartbroken when Regina's Brainwashed and Crazy. To try to snap her out of it, she says things like "I need you!"
  • In episode 23, Mana is still heartbroken and sees images of Regina.
    • When Mana regains her will to fight, she sees an image of her three Cure friends, with Cure Diamond in the foreground, and then a close-up of Regina's face. Seriously, Mana, is there anyone do you don't love?
    • Cure Diamond emotionally glomping Cure Heart after the battle.
  • Episode 24 has Makopi and Princess Marie-Ange again. Thanks to a mirror (summoned by a Loveads), Makopi can communicate with the princess for a while, the latter encouraging the former.
    • Aguri leaning on Mana's head for no reason.
  • Episode 27 has a new eyecatch with Mana holding Aguri behind her to play.
  • Episode 28 introduces Aguri's classmate, Eru, who seems to have a crush on her. She even (technically) shares an Indirect Kiss with her via the shaved ice she's eating, after all the girls share the shaved ice with each other.
    • Sharing their ice is the "Super Special Delicious Sweets" which Mana promised to Aguri, an experience that Mana shared with Regina before.
  • Episode 29 has Mana and Charle in her human form. They embrace each other, Charle does everything for Mana and they sleep in the same bedroom (though, Charle sleeps in her fairy form).
  • Episode 30 has Mana openly (and loudly, punctuated with punches) declaring that her primary motivation in gaining the Regalia is for saving Regina. There is even a flashback to the time she slept with her. Melan is impressed, and cedes the Regalia to her.
  • Episode 32 has Aguri being the sparrow to Mana's prince and in the end of episode, Mana invite her to dance together in Festival.
    • When Mana lies in the infirmary, Alice is the one who takes care of her. She pulls her down when Mana is about to stand up.
  • Episode 33 has finally Mana and Alice. A flashback shows how Mana catched a falling Alice, like a prince would save a princess. It's also a Mythology Gag, with Alice as Nozomi and Mana as Coco.
    • Later, when Cure Rosetta fights the Monster of the Week, she looks back to Cure Heart and remembers Mana's words when they were younger. And of course, she's motivated to fight for Mana.
    • The episode begins with Mana hugging Rikka with a "kissing lips"-face (^3^), though.
  • Episode 36 has surprisingly Charle and Davi as Vitriolic Best Buds. Because Davi is against the love between humans and fairies (it's about Rachel), Charle hits her with her belly. And then, they still hit each other with their bellies. And after the conclusion, they cry for Rachel and then the two hug each other.
  • Episode 38 has Rikka's reaction of jealousy towards an appearent "love letter" which Mana just got.
    • Mana still thinks about Regina, though.
  • Episode 39, Regina makes a grand re-entrance. Cure Heart still think of Regina as her beloved and tries to rekindle the old flame. It sadly doesn't work.
    • Cure Heart glomping Regina and she holds her like a princess while they are in the air.
  • Episode 40 has Makopi singing and walking towards Regina and holds her face in order to come to her senses. Regina backhands her, though.
  • Episode 44:
    • A lot between Mana and Rikka, mostly on Rikka's side: Mana hugging Rikka to encourage her to work at the Student Council while Mana is away, Rikka feeling lonely and thinking about Mana a number of times, Raquel commenting that it's love during one of those times, Rikka herself admitting that she loves Mana, Rikka failing to get a doll and thinking how Mana would have gotten it but then hearing Mana's voice and getting encouraged to try one more time... Not to mention all the times Rikka says she and the others love Mana.
    • In the second half of the episode, Diamond gets Regina to admit that she loves Mana – just as Heart arrives and hears her. Regina goes from "blushing" to "her whole face and neck turn red as a tomato" and acts like a tsundere for a bit.
  • Episode 45:
    • Aguri draws a picture of Eru and calls her "my most precious friend' before going to the Trump Kingdom.
    • After watching the fight between Ace and Regina Cure Sword thinks that she doesn't want to lose Aguri or Regina and cries for Mana to help. A little after that Sword hugs Diamond and Rosetta.
  • Episode 47. Cure Heart reminds Regina of their promise to talk to her father and says that the two of them would always be friends. Right afterwards, Regina comes to terms with the fact she loves her father and Cure Heart and downright confesses it to everyone in the vicinity. If this were a more mundane anime (i.e., no magic and no monsters), the entire thing would sounds like Mana is trying to convince her girlfriend's extremely stubborn father.
  • Episode 48. When Cure Diamond is fighting Ira, she says that Cure Heart is her most precious friend and friends (in this case Heart and Diamond) should help each other when one's in trouble. And Cure Sword saves Cure Heart from Jikochuu Cell's attack. Finally Regina hugs Mana, thanking her for keeping her promise, and says "I Love You". A teary-eyed Mana is about to return Regina's words...only to be interrupted by her classmates.
  • Episode 49 includes some Tear Jerker. Knowing that Marie-Ange won't be back forever, Makoto is saddened. Marie-Ange's projection appears just in time, thanking Makoto for every moments they've shared. Cue crying Makoto and Mana, Rikka, and Alice hugging her. Before she's gone for good, Marie-Ange approaches Makoto and tells her to call her "Anne", just like how her father and fiance called her.
    • After time skip, Alice and Reina can be seen going to school together. Then there's Regina hugging Mana in the school, with Rikka looking indifferent at them. And before she's about to enter the stage, Makoto thanks Mana for teaching her what it means to deliver love to others..
  • There are several in the Non-Serial Movie:
    • Rikka and Makoto attacked Nikaidou after he insulted Mana like a girlfriend who's very defensive to her lover.
    • Makoto almost succumbs to her Memory World because it has Marie-Ange in it.
    • Then we have this gem:
      Rikka: "Living in a world without Mana is pointless!"

Ho Yay

  • Try finding any scene where Momota isn't shown alongside Nikaidou. Just try. note 
    • Episode 1: Momota clings unto Nikaidou's arm when the crab Jikochuu wreaks havoc.
    • Episode 2: They can be seen walking to school together.
    • Episode 32: When Nikaidou is about to rebuild the campfire, who does he call for help first? Momota. When the coffee cup Jikochuu attacked the field, who is already shown defending the campfire alongside Nikaidou? Momota. Also, during the campfire scene in which Momota seems to tease Nikaidou, some girls can be seen laughing at them on the background.
    • Episode 47: Nikaidou and Momota come to aid Jun together. The problem is, the scene works fine with just Nikaidou coming. Why Momota follows him?
    • Episode 49: Aniki. Also, Momota's choosing to stay with Nikaidou so that he won't be alone.
    • It says a lot when one realized that Momota is never seen interacting with girls without Nikaidou and other classmates on his side.
    • Non-Serial Movie: the Aniki actually originated from here. And it's revealed that they've been together since at least elementary school. Talk about Undying Loyalty.
  • Episode 9: the Soccer club's and Baseball club's Captains are pretty much Tsundere for each other. Also, when Ira turned them into Jikochuus, their Psyches are sticked together.
  • Episode 12: as if Joe's approach to the girls isn't creepy enough, he treats Jun in the same way.
  • Episode 29: When Leva and Gula do their Villain: Exit, Stage Left, they seem to be having a lovers spat.
  • Episode 31: Leva and Gula again. They fuse together into one being.