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Recap / DokiDoki! PreCure

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This is the recap page for DokiDoki! PreCure. Warning: major spoilers ahead.

  1. The Earth is in Big Trouble! The Last Remaining Pretty Cure!!
  2. Yipes! Cure Heart's Secret Identity Has Been Blown!
  3. The Greatest Partner Appears! Cure Diamond!!
  4. I Must Refuse! I Cannot Become a Pretty Cure!
  5. No Way! That Girl is Cure Sword??
  6. What a Shock! Makopi is Coming to My House!?
  7. Close Battle! Farewell, Pretty Cure!!
  8. Kyupirappa! A Mysterious Baby is Born!!
  9. Nonsense! Ai-chan Goes to School!!
  10. The Transfer Student is a National Super Idol!!
  11. Awaken! Pretty Cure's New Power!
  12. Mana's Determination! I'll Take an Apprentice!
  13. Finally Found!? A Clue of the Princess!
  14. The Dream or the Promise! Rikka's Many Worries!
  15. Really Busy! Makoto's Idol Days!
  16. Regina's Fierce Attack! Mana is Mine!
  17. Shock! The Stolen Crystal!
  18. Appear! The Last Royal Crystal!
  19. Betting the Crystal! Selfish Game!
  20. The Guide of Crystal! To the Location of the Princess!
  21. To the Trump Kingdom! Save the Princess!
  22. Appearance in a Pinch! A New Warrior Cure Ace!?
  23. Get Back the Love! The Five Pretty Cure's Vow!
  24. Shock! Makopi Declares Her Idol Retirement!
  25. Brilliant Transformation! Appearance of a New Heroine?
  26. My True Feelings! Rikka Worries Once Again!
  27. Discovered?! Cure Ace's Weakness!
  28. My Heart's Pounding! Aguri's Summer Vacation!
  29. For Mana's Sake! Sharuru's Big Transformation!
  30. The Final Trial! The Legendary Pretty Cure!
  31. Oogai Town is in a Big Pinch! The Lovely Pad is Born!
  32. Mana Collapses! A Stormy Cultural Festival
  33. Alice's Father Appears! Yotsuba Family Stay Meeting!
  34. Mama is Big Trouble! Unhappy Ai-chan!
  35. No No Ai-chan! Toothbrushing Big Plan
  36. The First of Raquel! First Love Power Full Open
  37. Fix This Love-Hate Relationship! Carrot vs. Aguri!
  38. Bel's Scheme! Ai becomes a Jikochuu!?
  39. I've Come to See You! Regina Returns!
  40. Feelings I Want to Convey! Makopi's New Song Announced!
  41. Alice's Dream! The Flower that Sealed Friends
  42. Let's Celebrate! The First Birthday!
  43. To My Important People! Aguri's Class Visit!
  44. Selfish's Trap! The Christmas Without Mana
  45. The Destined Showdown! Ace vs. Regina
  46. Ace and Regina! The Truth Behind Their Birth!
  47. Cure Heart's Determination! A Promise I Want to Protect!
  48. Heart-Pounding Full Throttle! Pretty Cure vs. Selfish King!
  49. Deliver It to You! My Sweet Heart

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