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Tear Jerker / Blur

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This Britpop band has had plenty of sad songs.

  • "This Is a Low", "The Universal", "No Distance Left to Run", "Tender".
  • "No Distance Left to Run" is THE Break-Up Song. A tranquil tone designed to end 13 sets the mood to an anguished Albarn singing about his farewell to his girlfriend.
  • "Yuko and Hiro" is one of the band's most gut-wrenchingly sad songs.
  • Dear lord, "Sweet Song". Especially because it was on Think Tank, during Graham's departure from the band- Damon had written the song after looking at a photo of him. The only way to make the song even more emotional is to listen to it whilst looking at the gorgeous album artwork done by Banksy.
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  • "Tender" even more so when noting how the band continued to play the song live during Graham's absence; at Reading Festival 2003, Damon gave the song a very heartfelt introduction and the crowd sung Graham's lines instead.
    "I don't want, for one moment, to be a sentimental but... Graham wrote this song as well... you know the bits he sings and I want you to sing them as loudly as you possibly can. Everyone needs to sing this song."
  • "Sing" is about depression, and it is very upsetting.
  • "Birthday" is especially upsetting for those who have been alone or forgotten on their special day.
    • Even more so when you realise it's possible that the song was written because at least one of the four members felt like that on their own birthday.
  • "Caramel" is as heart-wrenching as is bizarre. Not surprising, as it belongs to 13, Blur's darkest album, fueled by Albarn's recent break-up with Justine Frischmann from Elastica. 'Caramel' sounds like a Survival Mantra of someone at the end of depression.
    • "1992", from the same album, is also very sad. Sounding similar to "Sing" from the first album contributes to this as well.
  • The Magic Whip gives us, among others, "Pyongyang". It's just as much of a downer as the title (the capital of North Korea) suggests.


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