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Tabletop Game / Warofthe Lisianthus

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"You pass an entourage for King Luca Salvatore - a thin silver crown sits atop his head, but it looks like it doesn’t fit right."

War of the Lisianthus is the second Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition campaign of the group colloquially known as "stupid squad", also encompassing the one-session Dungeon World game known as The Floods are Coming. The game began on January 5th, 2018, and a session will be occurring each Friday for an unknown period of time, but likely at least through the summer of 2018. The party (a.k.a. The Rosettes) includes Gil, a human warlock; Soliya, a half-elf (half-dwarf) multiclassed fighter and cleric; Bazna, a dwarven ranger; Brizo, a human cleric; and Val, an aasimar paladin.


'War of the Lisianthus' contains examples of:

  • Beach Episode: The Rosettes found themselves with an afternoon free in Vitore Harbor, a lavish beach town on the Silver Coast they were visiting for a job.
  • Island of Mystery: The Isles of Repose, where the Rosettes met Silas.
  • Magical Library: The Silver College arcane library, especially the lower levels
  • Magic Librarian: Genevieve Clare, second assistant librarian at the Silver College arcane library - and a wizard.
  • Our Gods Are Different: Each member of the Rosettes has some tie to a higher power - and each of them very different.
  • The Group: The Marble Assembly.
  • Woman Scorned: Star and Genevieve apparently once had a relationship. Star seems to have come out of it with a grudge.

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