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Shout Out / A Shadow of the Titans

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  • Jade makes a few references to DC characters via Captain Ersatzes (to avoid any complications).
  • Gizmo at one point mockingly tells Jade to conjure up flying monkeys.
  • A flashback to Jade fighting another student in an arena for a private lab space is highly based on a similar scene in Invader Zim.
  • There are quite a few references to The Tick (the author's a big fan, evidently).
  • "Well ain't that cute. But it's wrong!"
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  • Jade's conversation with the Queen is based on a similar scene in Kage, another JCA crossover fic.
  • When Jade is sent into herself in the tournament, her dark side says to be careful not to hit the mirror frame on the way out, a reference to "Through the Looking Glass".
  • The Queen's goal to be free to act on her desires, but with Jade's cunning is similar to the Jackie Chan Adventures fanfiction Queen of All Oni (by the same author), in which this DOES occur.
    • Tarakudo tries to communicate with Jade in her dreams, only to be stymied by said dreams' weirdness, much like in the same story.
    • After Jade's Taking the Bullet for Jinx, the Queen takes on a serpentine from in the Shadow Realm, like in the same story (though Tarakudo feels that a cat would fit her better.
  • During Blood's dream of killing all his students, he tells Gadjo that "the pie was a lie" before setting him on fire.
  • Jade realizing that Mammoth's bright, happy dream is actually a nightmare is taken directly from an episode of The Life and Times of Juniper Lee.
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  • The Queen makes a move that is specifically compared to the symbiote from Spider-Man.
  • Gadjo apparently erased Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain from existence.

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